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Friday, April 1, 2011


It's April Fool's Day and I don't care. I'm not going to mention its history or its merits. I'm just going to go over to everyone's house, ask to go to the bathroom, sidle up to that porcelain chair, remove the top on the back of it, and piss into the top. Because I hate when people are happy, and piss should come out when the flush. And I'll probably pour sugar into their gas tanks and leave clippings of hair in their fireplace.

Pastiche: literary patchwork, hodgepodge, collision of genres used to create a new item
Sequester: to relegate to a small space, to cause to withdraw into seclusion
Hypothesis: proposition set forth as an explanation to specific phenomena, speculation
Eucrasia: a normal state of health, physical well-being
Meridian: of or at noon, imaginary line that extends form the North to South poles
Palanquin: covered litter carried on poles on the shoulders of four or more bearers
Acumen: quickness, accuracy, and keenness of judgment or insight, wisdom, savvy
Saboteur: person who commits or practices sabotage, deliberate damager of something
Replica: copy or reproduction of a work of art, especially one made by the original artist
Coterie: tightly-knit group of persons having a common purpose or interest, cadre, clique
Boulevard: broad street, avenue, broad spectrum of something
Ambivalence: simultaneous, conflicted feelings towards a thing, person, etc
Thionine: artificial red or violet dyestuff, usually for microscopic stains
Pyramid: figure with a polygonal base and triangular facets that meet at a common point
Matriculate: to become admitted to membership in a body, society, or institution
Heteroscedastic: pertaining to a sequence of random variables
Pyrexia: elevation of body temperature to an abnormal level, fever
Veracity: truth, state of being true, trueness
Deliquesce: to dissolve, transform into liquid from a solid
Seizure: act, condition, or instance of seizing or being seized, fit, spasm, convulsion
Isthmus: narrow strip of land connecting two larger masses of land
Nullifidian: a person having no faith, religion, convictions, or beliefs
Brecciate: to form rock into breccia(rocks made of sharp fragments set in a grainy matrix) 
Quaalude: tablet or capsule of methaqualone 
Melancholia: depression, severe depression, melancholy, gloominess
Platonic: not involving sexual relations, involving friendship, affection
Sacrosanct: regarded as sacred and inviolable, immune to criticism or violation 
Expulsion: act of expelling or state of being expelled, act of being forced or driven out
Nostalgia: bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past 
Parvenu: noveau-riche, person risen to new status, but lacks the social skills necessary
Hegemony: predominant influence, dominance, supremacy, preeminence 
Extricate: to release from an entanglement or difficulty, disengage, unravel
Perpetuity: the quality or condition of being perpetual, ceaseless, or continual
Cataract: large or tall waterfall, a deluge, opacity of the lens or capsule of the eye 
Vindicate: clear from an accusation, imputation, or suspicion, justify, defend, avenge 
Demiurge: something conceived as an autonomous creative force or decisive power
Protuberance: something, such as a bulge, knob, or swelling that protrudes 
Ossuary: place, container or receptacle for holding the bones of the dead 
Esurient: hungry, greedy, hedonistic in pursuit of things
Sternocostal: of, relating to, pertaining to both, or situated between the sternum and ribs 
Concrescence: growing together of related parts, the amassing of physical particles
Retrogress: regress, to get worse or fall back to a previous condition
Equipoise: equal distribution of weight or balance, balanced
Zelatrix: older nun in charge of disciplining younger nuns, female zelator
Fatigue: weariness from work or exertion, military apparel, physical enfeeblement


    Check out The Ghostwriter in the Machine link.


  2. Gesundheit, confrere. Wait, don't tell me. You die at the end? That'd be a heckuva ending. The humor I like, so we're now internet blog-acquaintances, which is pretty much the fifth-highest echelon of quantifiable friendship. Nice esprit, really reaching for the synesthesia bit, huh? The self-depreciation is where it's at, though Beck would disagree.

  3. Spoiler Alert: I DO die in the end. My immortality decreases as I write this.

  4. It's that damned entropy, you can't be immortal in a closed system. Limited immortality is just so depressing. I'm upset you stole my literary ending, that's how I wanted my autobiography to end.