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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Page 26

Patzer: an amateur or inferior chess player
Ratiocination: conclusion, process of logical reasoning or exact thinking, reasoning
Sabbatical: extended period of leave, typically a year or semester
Ogygian: ancient, primeval, antediluvian, antiquated, very old
Girandole: a mirror having attached candle holders
Regalia: the emblems and symbols of royalty, such as the crown and scepter, jewelry
Meniscus: anatomical term, the curve in a liquid when observed in a cylinder
Parameter: factor that determines a range of variations, a boundary
Felsenmeer: an assemblage of rock fragments completely mantling the surface of an area
Basilisk: legendary serpent with lethal breath and glance, usually turning it’s prey to stone
Lucifugous: avoiding, evading, disliking, or fleeing from light or light sources
Aeronautical: of or relating to aeronauts or aeronautics
Gobemouche: a silly, gullible, or credulous person, person with a mouth agape
Calypso: rare orchid, a tribal and fervid dance
Paradox: seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement that is or may be true, enigma
Scrivener: transcriber, professional or public copyist or writer, scribe, notary public
Propaganda: concepts spread to help or harm a person, group, institution, nation, etc.
Megalomania: mental condition typified by delusions of wealth, power, or omnipotence
Calico: coarse, brightly printed cloth, a type of pattern
Eiderdown: down of a duck used as stuffing for quilts or pillows
Solidus: the backslash symbol (\), gold coin of ancient Rome, bezant
Cacafuego: swaggering braggart or boaster, spitfire
Heresiarch: leader, founder, or chief advocate of a heresy or heretical movement or sect
Progenitor: direct ancestor, originator of a line of descent, precursor, forefather
Desperado: bold or desperate outlaw or criminal, violent or reckless felon
Orison: prayer, benediction, blessing, invocation, supplication
Amphigory: meaningless or senseless work of writing, especially one planned as a parody
Rupestrian: of or composed of rock, sculpted with or by rock
Trinity: group consisting of three closely related members, unity of three special objects
Epicurean: hedonistic, gastronomical, pertaining to good taste
Amphisbaena: Greek mythological being, two-headed snake, a head on each end
Continuum: coherent whole characterized as a collection, sequence, or progression 
Jettison: to cast off a ship or overboard, to remove something extraneous, omit or forgo
Gravitas: substance, weightiness, profundity, high seriousness, dignity
Periapt: charm worn as superstitious protection against mischief, evil, and disease, amulet 
Cathedral: large, presiding, and/or important church, emanating from a chair of authority 
Tectrix: one of the coverts on a bird’s wing
Athenaeum: institution for the promotion of literary or scientific learning, phrontistery
Pergola: framework that supports climbing plants, arbor
Grobian: a slovenly, crude, and often boorish individual, boor, lout
Kinetic: relating to the motion of matter and the forces and energy associated therewith
Convivial: amicable, fond of feasting, drinking, and good company, sociable 
Epoch: era, period marked by distinct character or reckoned from a fixed point or event 
Bethesda: a hallowed, sanctified, or holy place, a chapel, holy ground
Samurai: member of hereditary warrior class in feudal Japan, warrior of the Bushido

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