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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Pinnigrade is such a cute word, imagine a lil' seal pup walking towards you.

Chitinous: of or resembling chitin, having a carapace or protective shell of chitin
Kabuki: highly-stylized, classical Japanese dance-drama
Mythologem: recurrent pattern, event, or theme in myths, such as revenge or self-sacrifice
Coccyx: the end of the vertebral column in humans and tailless apes
Acervuline: aggregated, heaped up, bundled, collected or localized
Trebuchet: medieval catapult for hurling heavy stones or objects
Quisby: idler, one who doesn’t work, ne’er-do-well, impecunious, odd, queer
Zaftig: of a woman, having a full rounded figure, pleasingly plump, buxom, full-bodied
Drachma: primary unit of currency in Greece before the adoption of the euro
Pinnigrade: walking by means of fins or flippers
Metabolism: processes occurring in an organism that are needed for the upkeep of life
Gemsbok: large antelope with long, straight horns
Argyle: knitting pattern of varicolored, diamond-shaped areas on a solid background
Engastrimyth: ventriloquist, manipulator of vocalizations and props as entertainment
Recondite: esoteric, difficult to understand or beyond the reach of normal comprehension
Opsimath: a person who learns or begins to learn late in life
Calliope: musical instrument fitted with steam whistles, played from a keyboard
Googolplex: 10 to the power of googol(10 to the hundredth power)
Surplus: excess, quantity much larger than is needed, superfluity, overage
Ophyron: the space between a human’s eyebrows
Prognosticate: augur, foretell, predict, foresee, to make a prediction about
Tantamount: equivalent to, equal to, equivalent in value, significance, or effect 
Grazioso: a direction in music, graceful, smooth, or elegant in style
Harbinger: one that indicates or foreshadows what is to come, a forerunner, prophesier 
Quagmire: fen, bog, swamp, difficult or precarious situation, predicament 
Inoculate: introduce an idea or view into the mind of, inculcate, inject a serum or vaccine
Bildungsroman: coming-of-age novel, movie, or story
Prosthesis: an artificial device made to replace a missing part of the body
Umquhile: erstwhile, formerly, some time ago, bygone, quondam
Schism: separation or division into factions, discord, disunion
Zygomatic: pertaining to, connecting with, or involving a or the cheekbone
Skein: complex tangle, ribbon, length of thread or yarn wound in a loose long coil 
Ostracize: banish, expel from a community or group, excommunicate, to make a pariah of
Katabatic: of or relating to the downward motion of air
Logorrhea: excessive and often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness, loquacity
Akimbo: having the hand or hands on the hip(s) and the elbow(s) turned outward 
Repartee: swift, witty reply, conversation marked by the exchange of witty retorts 
Euphoria: feeling of great happiness or well-being, felicity
Warlockry: practice of black magic or conjurations, practice of being a warlock
Embargo: prohibition, a prevention of commerce, government-imposed trade barrier
Papyrus: tall, aquatic plant, paper made from the papyrus plant
Mistigris: a joker or blank card that the holder can play as any card, wild card in a game
Schizoid: of or relating to or characteristic of schizophrenia or the effects thereof
Coxcomb: conceited, self-impressed dandy, fool, conceited fool, narcissistic person 
Kvetch: to complain persistently and whiningly, chronic, whining complainer, whiner

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