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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Page 19

Oh happy day, another new page. I can barely contain my shivers of ecstasy. 

Psyche: the mind or self as a functional entity, center of thought, feeling, and motivation 
Tephra: solid matter that is ejected into the air by an erupting volcano, scoria, dust, ashes
Hiatus: gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity, a break, sabbatical
Delirium: state of mental disarray and unstable consciousness from intoxication or fever
Concourse: large open space for the gathering or passage of crowds, broad thoroughfare
Hiemal: of, pertaining to, like, or relating to winter 
Tedium: quality or condition of being tedious, tediousness or boredom 
Nihilism: type of philosophy, total and absolute destructiveness or destruction
Catatonia: condition typified by stupor, stereotypy, mania, and/or rigidity of the limbs
Parazonium: long, triangular dagger, wide at the hilt end and coming to a point 
Colporteur: book merchant, bible salesman, salesman of religious tracts
Oasis: fertile, vibrant, or green spot in a desert or wasteland
Dioscuric: describing a twin, whether person or event, of a twin, of a duplicate
Symptom: subjective evidence of disease, phenomenon serving as evidence
Esssse: pl. archaic plural of ashes
Grenadier: soldier who uses and carries grenades, infantryman, one who throws grenades
Malaise: bodily weakness, nondescript illness, vague feeling of discomfort
Colliquate: to change from solid to liquid, to liquefy
Oculus: an architectural part resembling or suggestive of an eye or eyes
Apollonian: serene, calm, or well-balanced, poised and disciplined, pertaining to Apollo
Maudlin: tearfully or weakly emotional, effusively sentimental 
Escalade: the act of scaling a wall, usually with a ladder or rope
Paragon: model of excellence or perfection of a kind, a peerless example 
Tryst: an agreement, as between lovers, to meet at a certain time and place, a date
Caballero: skilled horseman, gentleman, cavalier
Numina: pl. presiding divinity or spirit of a place, creative energy, genius 
Vacuum: a space entirely devoid of matter, absence of matter, vacuity
Ycelpt: to call, name, named, called, known as
Insomnia: inability to get ample sleep, difficulty falling or staying asleep, sleeplessness 
Elixir: solution of alcohol and water, substance believed to maintain life indefinitely 
Nephritic: of, relating to, or like a kidney or the kidneys, renal, of or having nephritis 
Phaeochrous: dusky, shady, subfusc, overcast, obscure
Malfeasance: misconduct or wrongdoing, especially by a public official 
Arbitrary: determined by chance, whim, or impulse, not by necessity, reason, or principle 
Dilettante: one who dabbles in an occupation or hobby without serious intent
Egregious: flagrant, conspicuously bad or offensive, glaring, outrageously bad
Intelligentsia: the intellectual elite of a society, group of intellectuals, social class thereof 
Pontificalibus: the vestments and accoutrements of a cardinal or pope
Relinquish: voluntarily cease to keep or claim, surrender
Avalanche: fall or slide of a large mass of snow or rock, overwhelming amount, flood 
Chiropteran: pertaining to bats, mammalian order
Horologium: an instrument(as a clock) used for measuring time
Allegretto: music term, moderately fast tempo
Cryogenic: of or relating to low temperatures, requiring or suitable to cryogenic storage
Larmoyant: lachrymose, given to tears or weeping, tearful, crying

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