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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Page 24

What a hitherto unseen phenomenon. Having dethroned the Prettiest list with delirious biznasty and uncompromising abandon, Coolest now accrues all the revenue related to length and girth with its alarming precedent. What a delight.

Geometry: the pure mathematics of points and lines and curves and surfaces
Colossus: huge statue, something likened to a huge statue, as in size or importance
Posterity: succeeding or future generations collectively, future generations
Stamina: physical or moral strength to deal with illness, fatigue, or hardship, endurance
Animadversion: criticism that is usually adverse and prompted by a degree of hostility
Calamity: great misfortune, misery, disaster, grievous affliction, event which causes such
Bellicose: inclined or eager to fight, aggressively hostile, belligerent, pugnacious
Logolepsy: the obsession or an obsession with words, what they mean, or themselves
Malcontent: dissatisfied with existing conditions, a chronically dissatisfied person
Tapestry: heavy cloth woven with rich, varicolored designs or scenes, often hung on walls
Cosmogyral: whirling around the cosmos, traversing or spinning around the cosmos
Electrum: a pale yellow alloy of silver and gold
Quatorzain: a poem of 14 lines resembling a sonnet but lacking the rhyming or structure
Ataraxy: calmness of the mind and emotions, tranquility, state of tranquilization
Emeritus: retired from active service, usually for age, but retaining one's rank or title
Pulchritude: attractiveness, great physical beauty and appeal, gorgeousness
Zither: a type of instrument, similar to the steel guitar or the dulcimer
Daemon: subordinate deity, guardian spirit, demon
Cwm: a valley, dell, field, heath, to copulate with an ewe
Anxiolytic: preventing or reducing anxiety, antianxiety medication, tranquilizer
Pseudomartyr: false, pretended, or affected martyr
Hermeneutics: theory, study, and methodology of interpretation 
Enterprise: undertaking, especially one of risk or complication, business organization 
Metheglin: type of mead, alcoholic liquor made of fermented honey 
Drogulus: a presence with no evidence whatsoever of its presence, thing-in-itself
Coterminous: having the same or coincident boundaries, coextensive in range or scope 
Soporific: inducing or tending to induce sleep, drowsy, substance that induces sleep
Ultima: last or final syllable, the last person, place, or thing in a series
Emerald: deep, dark green
Carmagnole: short jacket with wide lapels, spirited dance to a particular song
Mafufunyana: disorder or mental affliction, evil spirits, evil spirits causing illness
Pendulum: body suspended from support so it swings freely under the influence of gravity 
Epoxy: two-part adhesive that cures (dries) by chemical interaction between the two parts 
Sphragistic: relating to, pertaining to, or of seals and signets
Apostolicity: being of or contemporary with the Apostles in character 
Pauldron: either of two metal plates worn with a suit of armor to protect the shoulders 
Kamikaze: sacrificial action or attack, attack or action requiring suicide to execute
Imprimatur: a sign or mark of approval, insignia of approval
Seppuku: hara-kiri, ritual suicide by disembowelment formerly practiced by samurai 
Oblivion: condition or quality of being completely forgotten, void, forgetfulness
Peregrination: course of travel, journey, extensive voyage, especially on foot
Rhetoric: art or study of using cogent and effective speech, skill in the usage of language
Apostasy: abandonment of one's religious faith, political party, one's principles, or a cause 
Centurion: commander of a century (100 soldiers), high-ranking official or leader
Zaibatsu: powerful family-controlled commercial combine of Japan, conglomerate

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