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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prettiest Words, 1028 Words, 23 Pages

I realize that this is a repost, but it is updated with additional words. It also serves to fill in the lingering days of the hiatus.

Prettiest Words(1028)

Vignette: a sketch, brief literary or visual event, description, tableau
Ethereal: heavenly, airy in substance, spectral, insubstantial and light
Loquacious: characterized by talking, talking freely or too much, excessively talkative
Salient: prominent or conspicuous, most important
Balustrade: architectural term, series of balusters or parapet
Lustrous: having noticeable or vivid luster and sheen
Chauffeur: a designated paid driver for formal occasions
Penumbra: partial shadow, space of partial illumination, limits of a shadow
Selenian: designating, relating to, pertaining to, or of the moon
Escarole: type of green chicory
Amethyst: deep purple, deep purple gemstone
Scilicet: to wit, that is, namely
Berceuse: lullaby, song used to put someone to sleep
Susurrus: a whisper, something which resembles a whisper
Vista: view, prospect, perspective, spectrum of peripheral boundaries
Aestival: pertaining to, relating, designating, or of Summer
Tranquility: peace, serenity, calmness, relaxation
Alluvium: unconsolidated sediments carried by water
Ensconce: establish or settle in a safe, secure, or comfy place
Astral: of or pertaining to the aster, stellar, star-shaped, pertaining to the stars
Chantpleure: to cry while singing, to cry and sing simultaneously
Vesuviate: to erupt, explode, fulminate
Effusive: gushing out or expressive, moving, cascading
Bezaleel: shadow of God, God’s shadow
Delenda: that which needs to be deleted, something that has been deleted
Obsequious: fawning, sycophantic, servile
Civility: formal or perfunctory politeness, state of being civil
Immure: to enclose with walls, ensconce
Resplendent: sublime, full of color, dazzling, splendid
Silhouette: picture as an outline, often a human profile, filled in by a solid color
Cynophilist: dog-lover, one who loves or appreciates dogs
Pristine: in primordial condition, untouched, belonging to the earliest period or state
Taciturn: reticent, quiet, not talkative, insouciant
Icicle: a sliver of tapered, frozen water, usually hanging
Meretricious: drawing attention in a vulgar manner, gaudy, tawdry, superficially attractive
Chatoyant: like or resembling a cat’s eye
Reverie: an idle daydream, a thought of idle desire, a surrendering to imagination
Tacenda: things to not be mentioned or things to be passed over in silence
Violin: stringed instrument played with a bow
Sequacious: pertaining to sequence or order, following
Celesta: ancient musical instrument
Redolent: piquant, aromatic, or memory-invoking
Evocative: that which evokes, something that reminds, inspires, or impresses
Aeviternal: eternal, endless, never-ending
Celeripedean: quick-footed, swift, fast-running
Effluvium: foul discharge or emanation, emission
Ailurophile: cat-lover, one who loves or appreciates cats
Soliloquy: dramatic monologue, intense speech with exposition but not addressed
Velleity: flimsy wish or desire, perfunctory hope or dream
Citadel: bulwark, a fortress or stronghold, refuge
Lagniappe: gift for extended patronage, gift or compensation for valued customers
Escalade: the act of scaling a wall, usually with a ladder or rope
Niveous: snowy or resembling snow, like, of, relating to, or made of snow
Veracity: truth, state of being true, trueness
Exuviate: to shed a shell, molt, unsheathe
Zyzzyva: a type of weevil
Cislunar: of or relating to the space between earth and the moon or the moon’s orbit
Acquiesce: to passively accept, to accept, comply, or submit tacitly or passively
Glyph: a sigil or specific insignia, a letter of language, an arcane mark
Wyvern: type of dragon, typically without legs
Vernal: pertaining to spring
Autumnal: pertaining to, like, relating, or evocative of Autumn
Demure: shy, modest, reserved in demeanor or behavior, having sedate reserve or sobriety
Lilt: cadence of voice, rhythm of language or sentences, good vocal or musical structure
Celadon: pale green
Vacillate: to waver between actions or decisions, to hesitate
Epiphany: revelation of thought, typically conceived after an eventful experience
Valance: an ornamental drapery hung across a top edge, as of a bed, table, or canopy
Effervesce: to bubble over, to boil with frothy bubbles, to excite
Scintilla: an infinitesimal item or mote, tiny thing
Deliquesce: to dissolve, transform into liquid from a solid
Aphelion: when the orbit of earth is furthest from the sun
Eidolon: ghost, specter, revenant, reappearing, continuously visiting or persisting image
Halcyon: legendary kingfisher, tranquil, calm, without strife, serene
Terpsichorean: pertaining, relating to, or referring to dancing or the art thereof
Emulsify: to pour liquid into another non-soluble, creating visible density
Chiaroscuro: composition of strong contrasts in light and dark
Tintinnabulation: ringing or sounding of bells, the sound of bells
Fuchsia: bright pinkish-purple
Peccadillo: insignificant sin or wrongdoing, trifling fault
Rhapsody: impassioned, inspired, or vibrant literature or music
Coalesce: to fuse, intersect, or entwine to create a unity
Novitiate: novice, the living place of a novice, the state of being a novice, neophyte
Amaranth: deep-hued purple, flower, metaphor for immortality
Lexiphanes: pretentious word user, bombastic or magniloquent person
Ephebe: young man, swain, young suitor
Asphodel: flower of the underworld
Syzygy: alignment or unity of specific objects, notably in space or literature
Ratatouille: French dish, vegetable stew
Odalisque: female servant, female servant in a harem
Aquiline: resembling an eagle’s beak, hooked like a beak
Lacuna: omission or empty space, gap in chronology
Nullibicity: state of non-existence, quality or state of being nowhere
Oeuvre: the corpus of an author, canon, or a collective symposium
Solstice: one of two times in the year when the sun is furthest from the equator
Psithurisma: whisper, sound of wind through the trees, sound of wind-rustled leaves
Myriad: multitude, litany, an amount of, usually large, collection in large numbers
Tolutiloquent: speech characterized by rapidity
Sorcerer: practitioner of sorcery, wizard, warlock, magician
Elation: quality or state of being elated, feeling or state of great joy or pride
Delineate: to describe, explain, or demonstrate
Boulevard: broad street, avenue, broad spectrum of something
Schadenfreude: satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune, sadism
Cumulonimbus: type of cloud that augurs, foretells, or indicates bad weather
Noctilucence: cloud phenomenon typified by lights at night, visible or glowing at night
Adumbrate: to explain faintly or opaquely outline, describe
Chevelure: head of hair, hair on the head, tresses, a nebulous envelop(as around a comet)
Seraphim: pl. six-winged angel
Largesse: the generous giving of gifts, a generous or courteous gift, charitable donation
Etude: a piece of music designed for didactic purposes
Cadenza: musical or literary improvisation
Selcouth: unusual, rare, unique, or strange
Tessellation: tile pattern sans gaps or extraneous spaces, mathematical pattern
Videlicet: to wit, that is, namely
Marasmus: protein deficiency, state of emaciation
Sempiternal: eternal, endless, lasting forever, ceaseless
Cistern: an underground reservoir
Rimulose: characterized by or having small chinks, fissures, or cracks
Vicissitudes: changes of circumstances of fortune
Stasis: equilibrium causing a peaceful inactivity via equal opposing forces
Mythopoeic: pertaining to the making of myths
Inure: to take effect, or to accustom to something, typically unpleasant
Risorgimento: a time of renewal or renaissance, revival
Marcescent: flower term, withering, but not falling off
Viola: like a violin, but with a lower pitch
Peccavi: admission of guilt, confession
Zitella: maiden, unmarried woman, bachelorette
Nepenthe: drug of forgetfulness, anti-depression drug, remedy for sorrow
Famulus: sorcerer’s apprentice or assistant
Crescendo: music, gradual increase of tempo, volume, or intensity
Evanescent: brief, transient, ephemeral
Demesne: a lord’s privately owned manor or section of land
Kaleidoscope: optical item that utilizes mirrors to create interior symmetrical visions
Pastiche: literary patchwork, hodgepodge, collision of genres used to create a new item
Banderilla: decorated dart that is shot into the neck of the bull during a bull fight
Cinquefoil: five-leaved, plant with limbs that are five-leaved, five-pointed leaves
Daedalian: intelligent, crafty, deft, practical, pertaining to Daedalus
Lixiviation: act of separating soluble from insoluble substances via water or solvent
Pasquinade: public farce, satire, or lampoon
Oubliette: dungeon with only opening at the top
Clavilux: machine that generates light via music
Lapis Lazuli: gemstone of intense blue
Esprit: brio, wit, vivacity, joie de vivre
Daphnean: shy, timid, demure, modest, bashful
Absinthe: wormwood liquor of a bright-green color
Convalesce: to recover or recuperate, recover from a serious injury
Sapphire: bright blue, valuable gemstone of a bright yet deep blue
Arabesque: ballet twirl, type of artistry involving a continuous, rotating design
Caesious: blue-gray
Isosceles: having two equal sides, of a triangle
Linoleum: type of floor covering
Sisyphean: pertaining to or involving endless labor, pertaining to Sisyphus
Amulet: a charm against evil or impurity, often a piece of jewelry
Ophidian: snake-like, like, shaped like, or relating to snakes
Hyacinth: tropical, American herb, red, transparent variety of zircon used as a gemstone
Lullaby: song or tune devised to lull something to sleep
Coelacanth: prehistoric fish still alive today
Labyrinth: maze, puzzling complex or circuitous plan
Quaquaversal: directed outward from a common center to all points, omnidirectional
Scialytic: dispersing shadows, typically with light
Cerulean: watery blue
Lilliputian: very small, tiny, pertaining to Lilliput
Emanation: emission, something that is issued by a source
Liaison: illicit sexual relationship, case of contact between two parties, usually a person
Azure: sky-blue or a light blue
Silver: shimmering gray color, type of metal
Empyreal: related to the empyrean, celestial
Conciliabule: secret meeting of conspirators
Quotidian: daily, mundane, occurring every day
Dilettante: one who dabbles in an occupation or hobby without serious intent
Soigné: elegant, sophisticated, well-groomed
Glimpse: brief, incomplete view or look, to glance at
Ennui: listlessness, weariness, discontent
Tapestry: heavy cloth woven with rich, varicolored designs or scenes, often hung on walls
Palatial: pertaining to a palace, grandiose, magnificent
Cenotaph: an unmarked grave
Sonata: music, series of three solos
Alleviate: to allay, to lessen in pain or negative occurrence or consequence
Diaspora: dissemination, dispersion, random or selective re-distribution
Salubrious: health-giving, healthy, healthful, relating to good health
Azoth: mythologized universal solvent, panacea
Lemniscate: the infinity symbol, any figure-eight symbol
Millennium: one thousand years, period of a thousand years
Sylph: graceful woman, fairy, air elemental
Symphony: extended orchestral movements
Orchestra: large group of musicians with a variety of instruments
Nemesis: source of harm or ruin, unconquerable foe or enemy, vengeful opponent
Felicity: state of happiness, joy, ecstasy
Lunacy: insanity, insanity with brief moments of clarity
Vitiate: impair, spoil, to the reduce quality of, to make worse
Chiasmus: rhetorical, inverse sentence, “One should eat to live, not live to eat”
Atelier: artist’s studio
Vicennial: happening every twenty years
Acervuline: aggregated, heaped up, bundled, collected or localized
Cynosure: that which garners great attention by calling to its brilliance, interest
Peninsula: piece of land mostly surrounded by water, except on one side
Eloquence: well-stated speech, flowing language, articulated speech and proper execution
Diaphanous: light, delicate, gossamer, translucent
Echelon: tier, level, rank in job, formation of soldiers
Vaticinate: prophesy, prognosticate, augur, foretell
Nebulae: pl. collection of astral gases
Litany: large amount, plethora, long and tedious address or recital
Asylum: refuge, a place to restore sanity or facilitate recovery
Midst: in the middle of, among
Imprimatur: a sign or mark of approval, insignia of approval
Nymph: seductive or lustful woman, fairy
Talisman: item marked with magic signs though to confer magical powers or repel evil
Ephemeral: brief, transient, evanescent
Moiety: one of two equal parts, half
Desuetude: state of disuse, state of uselessness
Pyrrhic: of a victory, having high levels of casualties or damage on both sides
Eunoia: normal mental health, beautiful thinking
Colophon: inscription at the end of a book, an identifying emblem for a book
Stiletto: high-heel with sharp point, small dagger
Esoterica: item or thing that is esoteric, obscure, rare, or valuable
Pirouette: ballet spin, ballet technique
Boeotian: marked by stupidity and philistinism, crudely obtuse, loutish
Zephyr: slight burst of gentle wind, gentle breeze
Czigany: gypsy, Hungarian gypsy
Porcelain: strong, vitreous, translucent ceramic with glazed colored material
Mephitic: poisonous, noxious, lethally dangerous, insidious, toxic, putrid
Sierra: ridge of a mountain or mountains
Lunula: white crescent at the base of the fingernail
Nacreous: iridescent, pearly, like mother-of-pearl or nacre
Philander: to womanize or entertain or elicit casual or wanton sex
Emission: discharge, emanation, chemical release
Lithosphere: outermost shell of a planet, the crust and uppermost mantle
Objet d’art: object of art, valuable or highly artistic piece or work
Bibelot: trinket, bauble, small object which is rare or valuable or beautiful, a small book
Cleanse: to free from dirt, defilement, or guilt, purge or clean
Ineffable: indescribable, impossible to describe, enchantingly amazing
Pellucid: translucently clear, limpid, ethereal
Chandelier: ceiling-mounted light fixture or glass structure
Sinecure: an easy occupation or one which requires almost no responsibility
Panacea: a cure-all, medicine, herb, or concoction designed or functioning as a cure-all
Girandole: a mirror having attached candle holders
Element: fundamental, essential, or irreducible constituent of a composite entity elements
Meniscus: anatomical term, the curve in a liquid when observed in a cylinder
Recherché: elegant, refined or tasteful, sophisticated
Souvenir: keepsake, memento, something of sentimental value
Aphesis: omission of sound or verbiage at the beginning of a word or phrase
Cadence: rhythmic flow of the sounds of language, lilt
Legerity: mental or physical agility, dexterity, or quickness
Symposium: conference for discussion of a particular topic
Resonance: quality of being resonant, extension of sound via sympathetic vibration
Parabola: mathematical term, looks akin to a “u” or “n”
Xenoglossy: language learned spontaneously and without prior knowledge
Elicit: to bring or draw out (something latent), educe, summon, to provoke a reaction
Synecdoche: a reference to a part as opposed to the whole, girl as “skirt” ship as “sail”
Amphora: ceramic, two-handled vase with a narrow neck, usually contains alcohol
Essence: intrinsic or indispensable properties that serve to typify or identify something
Belle-lettres: “beautiful letters” aesthetic literature, as opposed to didactic
Andante: music, moderately slow
Pallid: pale, wan, deficient in color
Oasis: fertile, vibrant, or green spot in a desert or wasteland
Aubade: poem or song about or evocative dawn or morning, opposite of nocturne
Literati: intelligentsia, the educated class, clerisy, a group of litterateurs
Colliquate: to change from solid to liquid, to liquefy
Vincible: able to be harmed, vulnerable, susceptible, vulnerable
Coloratura: elaborate or technical vocal music with florid ornamentation
Grandeur: splendor, magnificence, quality or state of being grand
Vivisepulture: the act of being buried alive or burying alive
Emerald: deep, dark green, dark green gemstone
Sojourn: brief visit, stopover, jaunt
Revenant: specter, ghost, one who returns after a long absence
Stillicide: water falling from the roof of a house or a gutter
Quisquose: something which is difficult to deal with
Serendipity: occurrence and progress of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way
Nonchalant: feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed, indifferent
Morceau: a small literary or musical composition
Pianissimo: musical direction, very softly
Marmoreal: of, like, made of, or related to marble
Coracle: small rounded boat made of waterproof material stretched over a frame
Lavadero: laundry room, place to wash gold
Succinct: briefly stated, laconic, terse
Capriccio: music, improvisation, without adherence to rules
Nickelodeon: nickel theater
Mimosa: plant, cocktail drink
Azalea: type of plant, a common garden plant
Lacquer: varnish that dries via evaporation
Evaporation: the act of liquid dissipating or drying due to humidity or exposure
Aesthete: person who appreciates art or beauty
Regalia: the emblems and symbols of royalty, such as the crown and scepter, jewelry
Clinquant: glittering as gold, glittering with tinsel, showily ornate
Mezzanine: partial story between two main stories of a building, lowest balcony of theater
Coquelicot: plant, red poppy
Jejune: naïve, juvenile, simplistic, uninteresting, superficial
Laconic: brief in speech, matter-of-fact, terse, using few words
Dyslexia: disorder in which lexical figures are perceived in a chaotic order
Swain: a young man, suitor, ephebe
Epithelium: type of body tissue
Apocope: omission of sound or verbiage at the end of a word or phrase
Memento: an item of special significance
Prairillon: a small meadow or tract of grassland, heath, plain
Vespertine: crepuscular, pertaining to, of, or related to the evening
Warble: trill, croon, purr, chirrup
Sforzando: music, suddenly or strongly accented
Miasma: atmosphere of disease, fine mist of effluvium or bacteria, noxious emanation
Violet: shade of deep purple
Athanasy: quality of being deathless, immortality
Ventriloquist: puppeteer utilizing vocal techniques and manipulations
Coruscate: sparkle, reflect brightly, shimmer
Sangfroid: composure or coolness as shown in danger, imperturbability
Vivify: to invigorate, revive, energize, galvanize
Novella: short prose tale often characterized by moral teaching or satire
Adroit: quick or skillful or adept in action or thought
Transience: brevity, briefness, evanescence, shortness, the state of being temporary
Redivivus: revived, come back to life, resurrected, resuscitated
Emollient: substance that softens and soothes the skin, lotion
Delitescent: hidden, concealed, kept secret
Recidivism: act of repeating punished act, chronic tendency to repeat crimes
Malleable: moldable, able to be modified, easily reshaped, having the ease of form
Constellation: specific arrangement of stars to form an image
Eclipsareon: a device for illustrating and demonstrating eclipses
Influenza: acute contagious viral infection, commonly called the “flu”
Nephew: the son of a brother or sister in relation to you
Mantelletta: sleeveless vestment worn by cardinals
Triste: sad, mournful, dismal, depressed
Tilt: to cause to slope, as by raising one end, incline
Cyaneous: deep blue, cerulean
Decrescendo: gradual lowering of tempo in music or in a situation
Thylacine: Extinct Tasmanian Tiger
Melisma: the stretching of a syllable over a series of notes
Roué: a rake, rouge, philanderer, lothario
Cosmopolitan: pertaining to the world at large, without localized prejudices
Equipoise: equal distribution of weight or balance, balanced
Façade: affected aura or mannerisms to beguile or deceive
Imbroglio: extremely confused, complicated, or embarrassing situation
Capriccioso: music, lively and free of restraint, restriction, or direction
Umbrage: offense, affront, the shade beneath a tree, shade, suspicion, reason for doubt
Theophany: religious epiphany or appearance of God to a person
Sobriquet: nickname, moniker, adopted name
Clemency: mercy, an act of mercy, showing mercy
Abattoir: slaughterhouse
Punchinello: short, fat clown or clown puppet
Alloquy: speaking to another, an address
Opalescent: milky and iridescent, shimmering with the colors of an opal
Perennial: lasting throughout the year
Vigesimal: based on, pertaining to or related to 20
Bijouterie: general plural of trinkets or jewelry, gallery thereof, display thereof
Lochetic: lying in wait for prey, used especially of insects
Verisimilitude: the appearance or semblance of truth or reality in a fictional medium
Quintessence: fifth element, perfect embodiment
Zenith: point on the celestial sphere that is above the observer, highest point, maximum
Aeolian: pertaining to, of, related to, caused by or like the wind or Aeolus
Tregetour: juggler, mummer, conjurer
Lavender: light purple
Naïveté: inexperience, quality of being naïve, artlessness
Clandestine: kept secretly or done secretively
Marionette: a puppet bound by strings and controlled with wooden bars
Epistle: a formal letter, letter with a cachet
Dulcet: sweet-sounding, mellisonant
Emaciate: to make abnormally thin or weak, typically due to illness
Paradigm: clearly defined archetype, typical example or pattern of something
Suicide: the act of murdering oneself
Cygnet: a baby swan, young swan
Philtrum: subtle curve beneath the nose and on the upper lip, palate
Cancrizans: backwards movement, crab walking, music moving backwards
Apropos: appropriate of, appropriate
Efflux: something that flows out or forth, effluence, passing or an expiration, as of time
Preterlabent: flowing beside or by, especially of a river or stream
Eviscerate: to disembowel, exenterate, to remove the viscera of something
Minutiae: pl, tiny, precise details, vestiges, trifles
Bellicose: inclined or eager to fight, aggressively hostile, belligerent, pugnacious
Visurient: hungry for visual stimuli, pertaining to the desire evoked from vision
Humiliate: to enervate or embarrass through specific actions or events
Turquoise: blue-green color
Esurient: hungry, greedy, hedonistic in pursuit of things
Moue: pouting face or grimace, upset facial expression
Apoplexy: stroke, impairment or neuralgia from cerebral hemorrhage
Calypso: rare orchid, a tribal and fervid dance
Métier: forte, niche in which a person excels, occupation, profession
Portfolio: portable case for carrying documents
Celestial: heavenly, of a higher plane, empyreal, of space
Illustrate: to clarify or explain with examples or comparisons
Lassitude: weariness, lack of energy or motivation
Scythe: agricultural implement with a long, curving blade fastened to a long handle
Caballero: skilled horseman, gentleman, cavalier
Excelsior: fine, curled wood shavings
Medallion: jewelry or object worn from a necklace
Blellum: an idle, indiscreet talker, noisy fainéant
Eloign: to move away a distance, to move a distance with something concealed
Cabaret: a restaurant with live entertainment
Vivacity: brio, esprit, alacrity
Imbue: to embed with a quality, to inspire or permeate with a feeling or quality
Heliotrope: light purple, type of flower
Gambol: to skip or jump merrily
Lambent: glowing, gleaming, or flickering with a soft radiance, of humor or fire
Sable: black, type of animal with a deep, black pelt
Nepheliad: cloud nymph, nymph designated or of the clouds
Gloom: sadness, melancholy, depression
Mestizo: a person of mixed racial ancestry
Etiolate: to stunt growth, deprive of strength , to whiten by blocking sunlight exposure
Ancestry: the inception or origin of a phenomenon, object, idea, or style, lineage
Esssse: pl. archaic plural of ashes
Marmalade: jellylike preserve made from the pulp of fruits, especially citrus fruits
Lugubrious: gloomy or dismal, especially exaggerated
Concupiscence: lasciviousness, lewdness, ardent lust
Equinox: when the sun reaches a height, night and day equalize, annual event
Oeillade: an amorous glance, ogle
Neophyte: a novice, tyro, beginner
Material: secular, worldly, the substance(s) of which a thing is made of or composed
Epergne: table centerpiece, object designated as a centerpiece
Oleander: type of flower
Shimmer: to shine with a subdued, flickering or wavering light
Vetanda: taboo or forbidden things or topics
Levitation: the act of floating, supernatural floating
Sardonyx: type of stone(onyx) with sandy bands
Cello: large, stringed instrument that generates deep tones
Relinquish: voluntarily cease to keep or claim, surrender
Mormorando: musical direction, murmuring or with a murmuring sound
Phoenix: mythical bird of fire which rises from it’s ashes in a cycle of rebirth
Novae: pl. collapsing or dying star
Epitome: a perfect example of a particular quality or type
Viridian: blue-green pigment
Belladonna: poisonous plant
Facsimile: copy or reproduction of an item, typically a book
Mannequin: articulated human figure used for design
Patois: dialect other than the usual or literary dialect, uneducated or provincial language
Caliginous: misty, dim, obscure, dark, gloomy, tenebrous
Helix: a spiral, spiral-shaped object or string
Incarnadine: pinkish, flesh-colored, blood-red
Elusive: difficult to find, catch, or achieve, avoiding
Murmur: low, indistinct, continuous sound, to utter such a sound
Symbiosis: mutual biological synergy between two dissimilar organisms
Circuitous: having a circular or winding course, indirect, roundabout
Swerve: to abruptly turn or deviate from an otherwise straight course
Liquid: a state of matter, compare gas and solid, readiness to flow, type of sound
Vociferous: loud, stentorian, vehement, angrily impassioned
Aerial: of, in, or caused by the air, existing or living in the air
Hue: gradation or variety of a color
Inoccuity: the quality or state of being harmless, trifling, or insipid
Vestigial: of, relating to, or constituting a vestige(trace, mark, or sign left by something)
Cursive: flowing, effusive, wavy, type on handwriting in English
Mauve: pinkish purple
Colloquial: informal, as in speech, conversationally informal
Echolalia: immediate and involuntary repetition of words or phrases just spoken by others
Incisive: penetrating, clear, and sharp, as in operation or expression
Caress: touch or stroke lightly in a loving or endearing manner
Incunabula: pl. book printed before 1501
Mica: thin layers of specific, transparent minerals
Xenodochial: friendly or especially kind to strangers or foreigners
Nirvana: a place or state of rest, harmony, or pleasure
Tourmaline: multifarious gemstone of grossly differing colors
Syllable: unit of spoken language consisting of a single uninterrupted sound
Dapple: a spot or mottled marking, usually occurring in clusters, different tones and hues
Prismatic: refractive light of a spectrum, brilliantly colored
Layer: single thickness of a material covering a surface
Maraschino: cordial made from the fermented juice of the marasca cherry
Sotto voce: soft-voiced, emphasis on quiet speech
Vanilla: ordinary, conventional, flavored with vanilla, flavor extracted from vanilla bean
Sommelier: a waiter expertly trained in alcoholic beverages, wine steward
Medley: heterogeneous mixture of typically complementing elements
Cicada: loud, locust-like insect that chirrups
Aphotic: devoid of light, especially of areas where no light naturally occurs
Inglenook: a nook or corner beside an open fireplace, chimney corner
Burnish: to polish, the shine of a polished surface
Rapture: ecstasy, felicity, state of sheer happiness, happiness to the point of delirium
Craquelure: fine pattern of dense cracking formed on the surface of paintings
Maquette: scale model of a large item
Phantasm: something apparently seen but having no physical reality, illusion
Oscillate: to swing in an uninterrupted motion
Ambivalence: simultaneous, conflicted feelings towards a thing, person, etc
Numismatics: study or collection or currency, coins, paper money, etc
Hazel: light brown or light yellow
Esculent: edible, able or safe to be eaten
Vellum: mammal skin prepared for writing or printing on
Semblance: apparent form of something, especially when the reality is different
Ingénue: a naive, innocent girl or young woman
Gossamer: delicate, light, flimsy, transparent and thin, like a spider’s silk
Eiderdown: down of a duck used as stuffing for quilts or pillows
Chartreuse: swampy green
Veranda: open, roofed porch or portico on the outside of a building
Limn: to delineate via depictions or suffuse things with light
Blossom: billowing, period or condition of flowering or growth
Galaxy: collection of stars, gas, and dust bound together by gravity
Champagne: bubbling alcohol with fruity taste
Epicurean: hedonistic, gastronomical, pertaining to good taste
Panoply: a full collection or array, full set of armor
Inoculate: introduce an idea or view into the mind of, inculcate, inject a serum or vaccine
Euphonious: nice-sounding, sounding pretty
Surreptitious: stealthy, kept secret, hidden
Cedilla: diacritic beneath word to alter pronunciation “façade”
Foudroyant: dazzling, scintillating, sudden and overwhelming
Dissemble: disguise or conceal one's true motives, feelings, or beliefs, to mislead
Canticle: a song, poem, or hymn, usually of a church choir
Indolence: laziness, extreme ease or comfort
Epée: fencing sword or blade without a cutting edge
Inertia: tendency of a body to resist acceleration, a body at rest wants to stay at rest
Mellisonant: wonderful-sounding
Eleven: eleventh integer in a series
Crystal: mineral with many possible permutations, gemstone-like
Languid: characterized by disinclination for physical exertion
Aeonian: continuing forever, eternal
Callipygian: having a beautiful, admirable, or sexy butt
Senescence: state of being old or growing old, cellular decomposition, studies thereof
Ocelot: undomesticated cat, like a small leopard
Prosody: the rhythm, stress, and intonation of speech
Concinnity: harmony in the arrangement or fitness of parts with respect to a whole
Palisade: a fence of pales or stakes set firmly in the ground
Svelte: suave, urbane, savvy, slender, lithe, polished, sophisticated
Threnody: song, hymn, or poem reflecting on mourning or a tribute to the deceased
Encomium: formal, enthusiastic praise, abundant, exuberant expression of admiration
Melody: a series or pattern of notes
Tellurian: terrestrial, inhabiting the earth, pertaining to the earth, earthen
Sibilant: hissing, making a sound that resembles hissing
Panoramic: unbroken view of an entire surrounding area, inclusive presentation, survey
Limerence: extended infatuation or crush, contrast love
Cathismata: pl. one of the 20 divisions in a Greek Psalter
Menagerie: collection of animals in cages or enclosures, diverse hodgepodge, gallery, zoo
Reciprocity: the quality or state of requiting, mutual dependence
Bouleversement: reversal of fortunes, overturning, tumult
Amber: light brown, light yellow
Forte: niche in which a person excels
Lemonade: beverage typically consisting of lemon juice, sugar, and water
Aeipathy: continued passion, unyielding disease
Seizure: act, condition, or instance of seizing or being seized, fit, spasm, convulsion
Prelude: preceding event or action, music term, preliminary, preambulate
Cithara: ancient Greek instrument, like a lyre
Mithril: fictional, very light, silvery steel
Visceral: pertaining to the viscera, relating to deep feelings as opposed to the intellect
Baccalaureate: bachelor’s degree, valedictory speech
Velvet: soft type of material used in clothing
Avarice: extreme greed for wealth or material gain
Limpid: unclouded, clear, lucid, defined and deep
Solace: comfort or consolation in a time of sadness or distress
Ember: small, glowing fleck of aflame wood or coal
Catena: closely linked series, connected series of related things, especially of writing
Gracile: gracefully slender or thin, graceful
Sublime: noble, exalted, majestic, empyreal
Azuline: light blue, similar to a light blue
Foliage: plant leaves or greenery, as a collective
Delphic: brotherly, oracular
Vaudeville: bygone slapstick era
Cessation: pause, interruption, ceasing, ending
Innocent: without sin, pure, free from legal or specific wrong, guiltless, naïve, simple
Mizzle: fine rainfall, drizzle, mist
Lattice: open framework of material, typically in a crisscross pattern
Ambrosia: food of the gods, something overpoweringly delicious or fragrant
Borasca: squall, usually accompanied by thunder and lightning
Sentient: aware, characterized by the ability to feel or perceive, conscious
Fusillade: salvo, rapid discharge of firearms
Wan: pallid, of a sickly complexion
Numeral: symbol used to represent, denote, or symbolize a number
Bivouac: temporary military or squad encampment
Splice: to infuse, join, interweave, unite
Fainéant: sluggard, do-nothing, ne’er-do-well , idle and ineffectual
Rupestrian: of or composed of rock, sculpted with or by rock
Mercurial: fickle, erratic, ingenious, changeable, eloquent
Avenue: wide street or thoroughfare, roadway lined with tress
Sibyl: prophetess, fortune-teller, female prognosticator
Escritoire: writing desk, desk designed for studies
Celerity: speed, alacrity, briskness
Athenaeum: institution for the promotion of literary or scientific learning, phrontistery
Ivory: pure white color, material derived from elephant tusks
Copse: thicket of small trees or shrubs, a coppice, small wood, a tree
Gaucherie: awkwardness, inexperience, embarrassments
Sidle: walk in a furtive or timid manner, especially obliquely or roundabout
Pluvial: characterized or relating to rainfall
Mimsy: flimsy and miserable, someone who excels at what they do
Lissom: supple, easily bent, lithe, flexible
Elapse: to pass or go by, to happen
Whilom: formerly, former, erstwhile
Swoon: fainting spell, collapse from ecstasy
Reliquary: receptacle, such as a coffer or shrine, for keeping or displaying sacred relics
Analemma: sundial, figure-8 indicating sun’s declination
Elliptical: of, relating to, or having the shape of an ellipse, with a word or words omitted
Rariora: pl. unusual collector’s items, outstanding items, prize pieces
Grazioso: a direction in music, graceful, smooth, or elegant in style
Maudlin: overly sentimental, saccharine, mawkish, self-pitying
Esper: a being of advanced mentality or with psychic abilities
Specious: superficially plausible, but actually wrong, misleading in appearance
Cordillera: group of mountain ranges forming a mountain system of great linear extent
Acoustic: of or relating to sound, the sense of hearing, or the science of sound
Masquerade: festive gathering characterized by participants wearing masks
Suffuse: gradually spread through or over, with light, color, music, or liquid
Elucidate: explain further, clarify, to elaborate upon
Silence: state or quality of soundlessness, lack of sound
Paramour: lover, especially one in an adulterous relationship, lover, illicit lover
Curlicue: fancy curl or twist, flourish of writing
Shiver: a tremble, to tremble, shudder, or shake
Lascivious: lewd, lustful, prurient
Dulcimer: stringed instrument having three or four strings and a fretted fingerboard
Slither: to glide or slide like a reptile
Milieu: surroundings or environment, especially of a social or cultural nature
Luscious: delicious, sexy, cloying, alluring
Seven: seventh integer in a series
Chariot: two or four-wheeled, horse-drawn war or procession vehicle
Promethean: boldly creative, defiantly original, deviating genius
Ashlar: a squared block of building stone and dressed for outward placement
Tableaux: pl. deliberate picture, arrangement , vivid, graphic description
Patina: natural tarnish from wear of usage and passage of time, verdigris
Enhalo: to affix with a halo, to cause to wear a halo, to encircle, surround
Acolyte: ranked clergy member, assistant in liturgical rites
Veneer: thin surface layer, superficial layer as an enhancement to inferior material
Afflatus: strong creative impulse, especially as a result of divine inspiration, inspiration
Jaunt: short excursion for pleasure, brief stay
Sidereal: of, related, pertaining to, or determined by the stars or constellations
Incalescent: becoming hotter or growing more ardent, boiling
Ebon: black, made of ebony
Cosmology: study of the physical universe considered a mass of phenomena in spacetime
Illusion: erroneous mental representation, false image made by outside force or the mind
Dell: small, usually wooded valley, vale
Brio: joie de vivre, vivacity, alacrity, gusto, esprit
Sluice: artificial channel for conducting water, with a valve or gate to regulate the flow
Pococurante: nonchalant, indifferent, lukewarm in opinion, insouciant
Comestibles: items suitable to be eaten, edible sundries, articles of food, victuals
Portmanteaux: pl. large suitcase, merging of two words to form a new one, often a pun
Malady: sickness, illness, ague, ictus, ailment
Sough: a soft, gentle sigh, murmuring, purling, or rustling sound
Auburn: moderate reddish-brown
Opaque: impenetrable to light, not reflecting light, difficult to explain or understand
Emissary: an agent sent on a mission to represent or advance the interests of another
Ascertain: to understand specific facts, to ferret out information
Idyllic: Like an idyll, extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque
Linguistics: pl. the study of human speech, languages, and writing
Epigone: inferior imitator, disciple, second-rate replica, counterfeit
Aeneous: brassy, golden-green
Permeate: to pervade, to spread or flow throughout, to diffuse through
Circlet: ring-shaped ornament or piece of jewelry, especially for the head
Echo: a repetition of sound produced by the reflection of sound
Nenuphar: a water lily, especially an Egyptian lotus
Synchronicity: theory of, coincidence of two or more curiously similar events
Pantomime: communication through gestures and facial movements
Eleemosynary: of, relating to, or dependent on charity, contributed as an act of charity
Tenuous: long and thin, slender, flimsy, without great substance, diluted
Malaise: bodily weakness, nondescript illness, vague feeling of discomfort
Swath: width of a scythe-stroke, strips or radii made by something
Clerisy: the well-educated or learned class, intelligentsia, cognoscenti
Satellite: celestial body that orbits a planet, a moon, object designed to orbit a planet
Mellifluous: flowing with sweetness or honey, smooth and sweet
Philosophy: discipline comprising aesthetics, ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology, etc.
Victuals: food to be eaten, provisions, food cache, pabulum, comestibles, nutrients
Leitmotif: musical passage associated to a specific situation, character, or idea
Emulate: to strive to equal or excel, especially through imitation
Anemone: flowery marine creature
Succor: to aid or assist in a time of need, assistance
Mien: air or bearing especially as expressive of attitude or personality, demeanor, aura
Lithium: silvery, soft, highly-reactive metal
Dalliance: flirtation, dawdling, procrastination, frivolous action
Myrrh: fragrant resin gum from a type of tree, used chiefly for perfume
Blithe: carefree, nonchalant, heedless, lacking concern, joyous
Kismet: fate, fortune, chance, faith thereof
Slender: long and thin, tall
Lesbian: female sexually attracted to other women, exclusively
Cylinder: long, tubular geometric shape rendered in three dimensions
Solecism: an impropriety, nonstandard grammatical construction, violation of etiquette
Pensive: brooding, reflecting, involving, or engaged in deep or serious thought
Nimiety: excess, overabundance, superfluity
Candelabra: pl. branched candlestick with several candles
Whimsy: quaint or fanciful idea, a whim, capricious humor or playful disposition
Delirium: state of mental disarray and unstable consciousness from intoxication or fever
Serenity: calmness, tranquility, relaxation
Aura: distinctive and pervasive quality or character, air, atmosphere, emanation
Hubris: excessive pride, overbearing arrogance
Opusculum: minor work of literature
Pizzicato: music term, played by plucking rather than bowing
Miniscule: very small, diminutive, when compared to a normal counterpart
Elysian: blissful, delightful, pertaining to the Elysian Fields or Elysium
Psittacism: automatic speech without thought of the meaning of the words spoken
Ultramarine: intense bluish-purple
Mausoleum: large, stately tomb or building housing several tombs
Schefflera: type of shrubby, tropical plants which are cultivated for their showy foliage
Dissimulate: to conceal or disguise, to hide with the intent of deceit
Torrential: resembling, flowing in, or forming torrents
Lorgnette: a pair of eyeglasses or opera glasses with a handle
Nymphet: pubescent girl regarded as sexually desirable, young, sexually precocious girl
Auxiliary: additional, supplementary, reserve, acting as a subsidiary
Mist: mass of fine droplets of liquid
Seraglio: harem, harem house, brothel, living quarters thereof
Viceroy: governor, representative of a sovereign
Winnow: to filter out, to remove unnecessary or undesirable parts
Callow: immature, green, lacking experience, naïve
Tête-à-tête: private conversation between two people
Spinal: pertaining to, relating to, of, or using the spine
Marginalia: notes in the margin or margins of a book
Vestibule: a small entryway between the outer door and the interior of a building
Periphery: line that forms the boundary, limited circumference of sight, perimeter
Obsidian: volcanic glass of a black shade
Sfumato: definition or form without hasty outline by mild gradation from light to shadow
Lineaments: pl. the distinguishing or characteristic features of something immaterial
Denouement: final resolution or clarification of a dramatic or narrative plot
Piquant: aromatic, appetizing, appealingly provocative
Isinglass: thin sheet of translucent mica
Placid: sedate, calm, peaceful, relaxed, serene
Voluminous: having great volume, fullness, size, or number, large
Chamois: goatlike antelope, type of cloth for cleaning
Mere: being nothing more nor better than, small, lowly
Bellwether: leader or indicator of future trends, trendsetter
Tercet: group of three lines of verse, often rhyming together or with another triple
Aqueous: of, relating to, or resembling water, made from, with, or by water
Saline: salty, pertaining to salt
Elysium: section of the underworld, resting place of heroes and the virtuous
Lucent: shining, gleaming, brilliant
Shrivel: wither due to lack of moisture, cause to contract, lose momentum
Gale: a harsh gust of wind, a strong current of wind
Tryst: an agreement, as between lovers, to meet at a certain time and place, a date
Solemn: serious, dignified, formal, stern
Whisper: soft speech produced without full voice, something uttered very softly
Dulcinea: sweetheart, lovely person, one whom a person loves or cares about
Sussurous: pertaining to whispering, whispering
Intaglio: an engraving or incised figure in stone or other hard material
Effulgent: marked by as if by brightly shining light, coruscating, shimmering
Cellulite: fatty deposit causing a dimpled appearance, as around the thighs or buttocks
Opacity: opaqueness, obscurity, impenetrability
Smolder: burn without flame, to undergo slow and compressed combustion
Wisteria: a genus of twisting, woody, and climbing vines
Paucity: scarcity, lack of presence, fewness, a small number
Ameliorate: to make better, improve, enhance
Epileptic: pertaining to epilepsy, flickering rapidly, seizing
Cloister: monastatic establishment, convent of living
Parvenu: noveau-riche, person risen to new status, but lacks the social skills necessary
Bloviate: to make pompous or arrogant discourse
Inundate: deluge, to fill quickly beyond capacity, to cover with water, drench, overwhelm
Lavish: expended, bestowed, or occurring in profusion, using or giving in great amounts
Precocious: manifesting or characterized by unusually early development or maturity
Epitaph: inscription on a tombstone
Allegretto: music term, moderately fast tempo
Scepter: rod or wand, usually adorned in regalia
Braggadocio: arrogant person, braggart, arrogant or boastful behavior
Cellular: pertaining to cells or their structure, containing cells
Simulacrum: image or representation, false, unreal, or vague simulation or semblance
Purlicue: space between the thumb and forefinger
L’esprit de l’escalier: “staircase wit” usage of a witty retort after the moment has passed
Cartesian: of or relating to the philosophy of Descartes
Sigil: seal, signet, glyph, sign or image considered magical
Aileron: small moveable platforms on the back of plane wings that alter air movements
Existential: of, relating to, or dealing with existence, pertaining to existentialism
Breviloquence: speech characterized by brevity, shortness, briefness
Labial: pertaining to lips, vaginal or facial
Apostasy: abandonment of one's religious faith, political party, one's principles, or a cause
Portico: porch or walkway with a roof supported by columns, often leads into an entrance
Isthmus: narrow strip of land connecting two larger masses of land
Yowl: to utter a loud long cry of grief, pain, or distress, wail
Dawn: daybreak, first light of day, the onset of an idea, enlightenment
Collectanea: selection of pieces of writing by an author or by several authors
Incense: to induce rage, infuriate, aromatic element designed to induce relaxation
Sleep: state of slumber, position of rest for the physical and mental being of a living being
Elasticity: quality or state of being elastic, tendency to keep shape after stretching
Meridian: of or at noon, imaginary line that extends form the North to South poles
Lubricious: slippery with oil or lubricant, offensively lewd or intending to be lewd
Salve: remedial lotion or substance to soothe or allays
Teleology: the study of the philosophical concept of the telos
Mimesis: imitation or representation of the world, mostly in literature and art, mimicry
Bardiglio: finely-grained, multi-gray, Italian marble
Escadrille: a small squadron, usually of six, a small team, typically of six airplanes
Tiramisu: dessert made with cake and espresso
Antebellum: before or existing before a war, especially the American civil war
Vale: the world, life, mortal or earthly life
Ubiquitous: being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time, omnipresent
Élan: esprit, brio, gusto, ardor, vivacity
Sequester: to relegate to a small space, to cause to withdraw into seclusion
Cymbal: percussive instrument, usually attached to a drum kit
Limousine: slender car used for formal occasions, notably expensive
Thionine: artificial red or violet dyestuff, usually for microscopic stains
Bourgeoisie: the middle class, the middle class in Communist theory
Verve: energy, brio, élan, vigor, joie de vivre
Coterie: tightly-knit group of persons having a common purpose or interest, cadre, clique
Laodicean: indifferent or lukewarm in politics and or religion
Heath: plain, tract of wasteland, uncultivated land
Vinyl: type of multi-use plastic resin
Spiral: helix, string in a successively concentric pattern
Cavil: to object or criticize adversely for trivial reasons, flimsy objection or qualm
Matriculate: to become admitted to membership in a body, society, or institution
Soothe: to allay, alleviate, relax, pacify
Galleria: spacious passageway, court, or indoor mall, usually with a vaulted roof, gallery
Luminary: one who is an inspiration to others, one who attained success in a chosen field
Palliate: to alleviate, reduce or remove pain
Elixir: solution of alcohol and water, substance believed to maintain life indefinitely
Spool: cylinder with ridges that has spirals string around it
Fumarole: hole in an area of volcanic activity from which gases and hot smoke escape
Communiqué: an official announcement, bulletin board, a dispatch, an official report
Tremulous: marked by trembling, quivering, or shaking
Venial: pardonable, easily excused or pardoned, trivial
Bethesda: a hallowed, sanctified, or holy place, a chapel, holy ground
Umbrella: apparatus used as a personal rain repellant
Circular: of, like, related to, or resembling a circle
Allure: attraction, temptation, to attract with something desirable
Scarlet: bright-red color
Hegemony: predominant influence, dominance, supremacy, preeminence
Sclera: the whites of the eyes
Palliasse: mattress consisting of a thin pad filled with straw, sawdust, or hay
Vavasor: superior vassal with other vassals beneath
Trillium: type of flower
Enceinte: pregnant, carrying a baby, gravid, line of fortification enclosing a town or castle
Cuvette: a small, transparent, often tubular laboratory vessel
Silkscreen: stencil method of printing, in which a design is put on silk or other fine mesh
Tristiloquy: speech characterized by sadness or gloominess
Realm: region, kingdom, plane, domain, territory
Vacivity: vacuity, emptiness, absence, space with a lack of matter
Fleur-de-lys: stylized insignia of a lily
Sittella: small, gregarious songbird
Amphisbaena: Greek mythological being, two-headed snake, a head on each end
Corinthian: pertaining to Corinth or its culture, architecture
Libeccio: southwest wind occurring in Italy
Perpetuity: the quality or condition of being perpetual, ceaseless, or continual
Knell: to ring slowly and solemnly, funeral bell-ring
Illusory: produced by, based on, or having the nature of an illusion, deceptive
Acciaccatura: grace note, an embellishing note usually written in smaller size
Diablerie: dealing with the devil or devils, witchcraft, sorcery, consorting with demons
Epicede: dirge, requiem, funeral song or ode
Brevity: briefness, swiftness, evanescence
Henna: reddish-brown dye used in tinting the hair, skin, or nails
Alabaster: dense translucent, white or tinted fine-grained gypsum
Frescade: a cool, breezy walk, a shady place, a relaxing place with ample shade
Villain: dramatic or fictional character who is typically at odds with the hero
Cellophane: thin, flexible, transparent cellulose material used as moisture-proof wrapping
Simplicity: state or quality of being simple, freedom of complexity or intricacy
Bliss: joy, rapture, elation, felicity
Laminate: to beat or compress into a thin plate or sheet, to divide into thin layers
Cinnabar: bright red, glowing red
Nocive: harmful, injurious
Cinder: burned substance, one which is no longer capable of combustion
Sapience: rationality, compare sentience, wisdom or sagacity
Mirror: surface able of reflect enough undiffused light to form an image of an object
Sesquipedalian: having many syllables, long, given to or typified by the use of long words
Quiver: shiver, shake, quaver, tremble
Breeze: gentle push of the wind
Amnesia: partial or total loss of memory
Sirocco: hot, humid south or southeast wind of southern Italy
Furrow: to wrinkle, a wrinkle, a rut, groove, or trench
Querencia: the area of the bull-ring where the bull makes its stand
Cortical: of, relating to, derived from, or consisting of cortex
Immaculate: spotless, free of sin, without blemish or impurity
Weather: state of the atmosphere at a given time and place
Apotheosis: deification, quintessence, exaltation to divine rank or stature
Vicious: having the nature of vice, evil, immoral, or depraved
Prurient: having, relating to, or typified by lascivious or lustful thoughts or desires
Vis-à-vis: “face to face” opposite to, in relation to, in regard to, a meeting
Belvedere: roofed structure, on top of another building, which commands a large view
Capricious: impulsive, whimsical, unpredictable
Milquetoast: timid, unassertive, spineless person, one who is easily intimidated
Anxiolytic: preventing or reducing anxiety, antianxiety medication, tranquilizer
Jacqueminot: crimson rose
Soubrette: saucy, coquettish woman in comedies
Nugacious: trifling, trivial, insignificant, unimportant, worthless
Philanthropy: the effort or drive to further the well-being of humankind, generosity
Enamel: vitreous, usually opaque, protective or decorative coating or shell
Cerumen: yellow, wax-like secretion from the external ears, “earwax”
Apostolicity: being of or contemporary with the Apostles in character
Malapropos: out of place, inappropriate, in an inopportune or inappropriate manner
Caesura: a pause in a line of verse
Hacienda: the main building of a farm or ranch
Sienna: yellowish-brown, type of clay
Leviathan: very large animal, especially a whale, something of unusually large size
Dulciloquy: speech characterized by sounding soft or sweet
Renaissance: rebirth or revival, renewal of cultural and intellectual thought
Cyan: greenish-blue
Brecciate: to form rock into breccia(rocks made of sharp fragments set in a grainy matrix)
Fuliginous: having the color of soot, dark, dusky, charcoal-colored
Listless: lacking energy or disinclined to exert effort, lethargic
Sequence: succession, an arrangement, related or continuous series
Cuneiform: wedge-shaped, Sumerian language
Virtuoso: ace, someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field, especially music
Iris: the colored portion of the eye that encircles the pupil
Psyche: the mind or self as a functional entity, center of thought, feeling, and motivation
Miscellany: collection of various items, parts, or ingredients
Luminal: of or pertaining to the lumen (the measure of light perceived by the human eye)
Sylvan: relating to or characteristic of woods or forest regions, forest sprite
Degringolade: a rapid decline or deterioration, as in strength, position, or condition
Matutinal: of, relating to, or occurring in the morning, early
Leveret: baby rabbit, a young rabbit
Aperitif: alcoholic drink taken as an appetizer before a meal
Macedoine: mixture of diced fruits and vegetables, medley, mixture
Sanguine: of a healthy reddish color, ruddy, blood-red, of the color of blood
Divisi: music term, divided, separated
Ossuary: place, container or receptacle for holding the bones of the dead
Clithridiate: keyhole-shaped, resembling a keyhole
Sonnet: fourteen-line poem with specific rhyme scheme
Esclavage: a necklace having several rows of chains, beads, or jewels
Palladian: of or relating to wisdom or learning
Slice: a thin section of something, to slash or remove a small section of
Lithe: readily bent, supple, flexible, marked by effortless grace
Falciform: falcate, curved, convex, sickle-shaped
Loom: the art of weaving, to come into view as a massive, distorted, or indistinct image
Acidulous: somewhat acidic or sour in taste or manner, somewhat sarcastic
Facility: building made or used for convenience, ease of moving or doing, aptitude
Calico: coarse, brightly printed cloth, a type of pattern
Aquarelle: painting done in transparent watercolors, watercolor, watercolor painting
Scion: an heir or descendant, a twig or shoot used for grafting
Proscenium: Greek or Roman theater stage, the part of a stage in front of the curtain
Xysti: pl. covered portico of a gymnasium
Clavicle: the collarbone of a human
Puree: rub through a strainer or process in an electric blender
Eglantine: European rose, sweetbrier
Mystique: the special, esoteric skill or mysterious faculty essential in a calling or activity
Amelus: individual exhibiting Amelia (the congenital absence of one or more limbs)
Sweven: dream, vision, premonition
Celluloid: transparent, colorless, synthetic plastic used to manufacture photographic film
Aposiopesis: abrupt stop of a thought in a sentence, as if the speaker could not continue
Siphon: to suck through, absorb through an appendage
Gallery: raised area, often having a stepped or sloping floor, in a public building
Centennial: of or relating to a period of 100 years, occurring once every 100 years
Elision: omission of a vowel, consonant, or syllable in pronunciation
Trinity: group consisting of three closely related members, unity of three special objects
Numina: pl. presiding divinity or spirit of a place, creative energy, genius
Memorabilia: pl. things remarkable and worthy of remembrance or record
Replica: copy or reproduction of a work of art, especially one made by the original artist
Chalice: cup for consecrated wine, goblet
Lathe: machine for shaping a piece of material by rotating it rapidly along its axis
Traipse: walk, to wander without destination, gad, aimlessly or blithely walk
Roseate: rose-colored, rosy, optimistic, cheerful and bright, promising
Expatiate: to speak or write at length or in considerable detail, expound, elaborate
Demarche: course of action, maneuver, specific movement
Propinquity: nearness in place, approximate location, proximity, vicinity
Gloaming: dusk, twilight, evening, vesper
Calliope: musical instrument fitted with steam whistles, played from a keyboard
Aliment: something that nourishes, food, to supply with sustenance or food
Sestina: poem of six six-line stanzas and a three-line envoy
Blaze: bright flame of fire, bright steady light or glare, hot gleam
Solipsism: philosophical idea that only one's own mind is sure to exist
Artemisia: type of plant, genus of aromatic shrubs or herbs
Cypress: swampy tree or plant, plant or tree occurring in swamps
Lethe: condition of forgetfulness, oblivion
Shallow: lacking physical depth, lacking depth of intellect, emotion, or knowledge
Ponceau: a strong red to reddish orange
Frost: hoarfrost, degree or state of coldness, covering of minute ice needles
Soufflé: light, fluffy baked dish
Valiant: possessing valor, brave, marked by or done with valor
Eclipse: any obscuration of light, reduction or loss of splendor, status, or reputation
Alienate: to estrange, to cause to become unfriendly or hostile
Basilica: large, public building the Romans used, usually as a courtroom or meeting hall
Vacuity: emptiness, vacivity, absence, lack of matter in a space, vacuum
Ilium: upper part of the bony femur at the hip joint
Oblivion: condition or quality of being completely forgotten, void, forgetfulness
Aria: air or song, a melody, solo in an opera accompanied by instrumentation
Conciliate: to win over from a state of hostility or distrust, appease
Magisterial: of, relating to, or having the features of a master or teacher, authoritative
Bayonet: blade adapted to fit the muzzle-end of a rifle and as a weapon in close combat
Nucleus: central part about which other parts are grouped or gathered
Eristic: characterized by disputatious, often subtle and specious reasoning
Perforate: to pierce, punch, or bore a hole or holes in, stab through, penetrate
Vexation: the act of annoying, irritating, or vexing, quality or condition of being vexed
Dislodge: to remove or force out from a position or dwelling previously occupied
Impetus: a drive or compelling force, motivation, a reason to do something
Vaccinate: to inoculate with a vaccine of prepared medicine
Cytherean: pertaining to beauty or the goddess, Aphrodite
Fumulus: a thin cloud resembling a veil and forming at any level
Percolate: to filter, to cause to filter, to cause to pass through pores or small holes
Apophenia: the perception of or belief in connectedness among unrelated phenomena
Coriander: aromatic herb, herb used in a variety of perfumes
Iscariotic: traitorous, treacherous, given to betrayal, having committed betrayal
Lacerate: to cut or tear irregularly, to distress, mangle
Bordereau: a detailed note or memorandum of account
Hallucinate: to affect or be affected with visions or imaginary perceptions
Semiotician: one who studies, applies, or explains the theories of semiotics
Marble: highly-polished building material, irregularly colored
Congelifraction: splitting or disintegration of rocks as a result of the freezing of the water
Acedia: ennui, state of torpor of listlessness, spiritual apathy
Estuary: inlet or arm of the sea, an open river that connects to the sea
Scoliosis: abnormal lateral curvature of the spine, affliction thereof
Austere: severe or stern in disposition, discipline, or appearance, somber and grave
Orbital: of, pertaining to, or relating to an orbit
Nimbus: dark, grey cloud bearing rain, splendid atmosphere or aura, cloudy radiance
Bricolage: something made or put together using any materials that happen are available
Litterateur: literary-minded person, one devoted to the study or writing of literature
Shadow: shade within clear boundaries
Effleurage: a light, stroking movement used in massage, a soft caress
Coquette: woman who makes teasing sexual or romantic overtures, a flirt or tease
Famished: extremely hungry, ravenous, starved
Sussurant: whispering, making a continuous, low, and indistinct sound
Otiose: indolent, lazy, serving no useful purpose, futile, being a leisure
Poignant: profoundly moving, touching, physically or emotionally painful
Ingravescent: gradually becoming more severe, worsening, usually of a medical condition
Winceyette: cotton cloth, cloth made of cotton that has a raised surface
Dioscuric: describing a twin, whether person or event, of a twin, of a duplicate
Bibliophile: someone who loves (and usually collects) books, book collector
Palaver: conference or discussion, idle chat, chat with flattery of cajolery involved
Glacial: slow, staggering, of or pertaining to glaciers or ice sheets
Opulence: wealth, affluence, great abundance, profusion, pretentiousness
Naiad: a nymph, a river, lake, fountain, or spring nymph or spirit
Euphoria: feeling of great happiness or well-being, felicity
Cheilion: the corner of the mouth or oral cavity
Frolic: to behave playfully and candidly, romp, to engage in flirting, joking, or teasing
Radii: pl. any line segment from the center of a circle or sphere to its perimeter
Provocative: tending or serving to provoke, inciting, stimulating, irritating, or vexing
Deign: to condescend to do something thought to be slightly beneath one's dignity
Mewl: whimper, cry like an infant, meow like a kitten, to weakly cry
Clarion: medieval trumpet with clear shrill tones, clear and shrill, loud burst of sound
Escamotage: juggling, hand trickery, sleight of hand, legerdemain
Plumage: entire feathery covering or portion of a bird, feathers collectively
Fissure: long narrow opening, a crack or cleft, process of splitting or separating, division
Choreography: the art of creating and arranging dances or ballets
Impluvium: of a Roman house, rectangular pool in an atrium used to gather rain water
Bastille: imprisonment, jail, prison
Mizzenmast: third mast or the mast aft the mainmast on a ship having 3 or more masts
Equestrian: of, relating to, or featuring horseback riding
Impedimenta: pl. things that hinder growth or movement
Repartee: swift, witty reply, conversation marked by the exchange of witty retorts Palimpsest: erased parchment, which is then reused, manuscript written over earlier ones
Coercion: the act of coercing, the use of pressure, threats, blackmail, or intimidation
Formulaic: being of no special quality or type, average, routine, undistinguished
Serenade: courtesy performance given to honor or express love for someone, to serenade
Ellipsis: omission of a word or phrase necessary for a complete syntactical construction
Incipient: in or at an initial stage, beginning to exist or appear
Glisten: to shine by reflection with a sparkling luster, coruscate, shimmer
Ambience: atmosphere, a particular environment or surrounding influence, aura
Insipid: lacking flavor or zest, lacking excitement, stimulation, or interest, dull, vapid
Cascarilla: West Indian shrub with aromatic bark, typically used in incense or tonics
Paraph: a flourish at the end of a signature, may be used as a safeguard against forgery
Embarcadero: a landing place, especially a landing place on an island waterway
Fuselage: central body of an aircraft, to which the wings and tail assembly are attached
Nullifidian: a person having no faith, religion, convictions, or beliefs
Triptych: work of art consisting of three pieces acting as one image or set of motifs
Chatelaine: the mistress or lady or a castle or large household
Paroxysm: a sudden attack, pang, or seizure, usually of an emotional or medical nature
Exclusion: the act of excluding, the act of shutting out or preventing entrance

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