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Thursday, April 14, 2011

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Well, this is the end of the road, unfortunately. If anyone would have some interest, I have the skeletons from a lot of other wordlists, so i'd just have to heavily add to them, transcribe them to a word document, and add the definition to them. It does add some objectivity to my life. Considering that I will be losing my computer relatively soon(this is a scheduled post), I could use some downtime to enumerate a lengthy list. At any rate, I'll be posting some really long entires soonish. Also, I can dump wallpapers, if anyone has a specific interest.

Tycoon: very wealthy or powerful businessman, business leader, king, magnate, mogul
Fissure: long narrow opening, a crack or cleft, process of splitting or separating, division
Iceberg: large mass of ice floating at sea, usually broken off of a polar glacier
Obdurate: hardened in misconduct or iniquity, stubbornly defiant, deep and unrelenting
Abyss: immeasurably deep chasm, depth, or void, abode of evil spirits, hell
Germane: fitting, being both pertinent and fitting, relevant, relevant and appropriate
Nexus: means of union, link, connected series or group, the core or center, as of a matter
Alcatote: foolish oaf, silly elf, witless person
Cavalier: given to haughty disregard of others, gallant or courtly gentleman
Marginalia: notes in the margin or margins of a book
Balatron: buffoon, clown, jackanapes, joker
Demagogue: rabble-rouser, firebrand, one who appeals to emotions and prejudices
Albatross: large, web-footed, gull-like seabird
Sycophant: person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage
Tendril: plant’s tentacle, clasping, twining, slender outgrowth of a vine's stem
Decollate: to behead, decapitate, remove or cut the head off of something
Ostensible: apparent, evident, or conspicuous, being such in appearance
Volksgeist: intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and/or political thoughts of a time, zeitgeist
Hirsute: covered with hair, hairy, having a large amount of hair or body hair
Barathrum: a bottomless pit, hole, or abyss, Hell
Mendicant: beggar, depending on alms for a living, practicing begging
Ecclesiastical: of or pertaining to the church or the clergy, churchly, clerical 
Dulcimer: stringed instrument having three or four strings and a fretted fingerboard 
Cerumen: yellow, wax-like secretion from the external ears, “earwax”
Sawbones: physician, especially a surgeon
Gnomon: indicator provided by the arm whose shadow indicates the time on the sundial
Xylem: woody part of plants, the supporting and water-conducting tissue 
Charisma: personal attractiveness or interestingness that enables you to influence others 
Antebellum: before or existing before a war, especially the American civil war 
Mitrailleuse: a machine gun, a type of rudimentary machine gun
Brummagem: cheap and showy, meretricious, gaudy, tawdry, ersatz
Poniard: dagger typically having a slender square or triangular blade
Trajectory: the path of a projectile or other moving body through space, selected course
Archipelago: landform which consists of a chain or cluster of islands 
Rodomontade: pretentious boasting or bragging, bluster, ranting, vain speech
Viaticum: the Eucharist being given along with the anointing of the sick or dying
Falciform: falcate, curved, convex, sickle-shaped, drepaniform
Collectanea: selection of pieces of writing by an author or by several authors
Percolate: to filter, to cause to filter, to cause to pass through pores or small holes 
Thaumaturgical: relating to thaumaturgy, magical, supernatural, like magic, illusory
Nepheliad: cloud nymph, nymph designated or of the clouds 
Vaporize: to turn into vapor, to evaporate, to kill, to vanish, to dissolve solid material
Ahimsa: the doctrine of refraining from the harming of others or the taking of life
Wegotism: excessive use of the word “we”, the habit of referring to oneself as “we”
Harmartia: tragic or fatal flaw, fault, character flaw
Badinage: playful or frivolous repartee or banter, cheeky back-and-forth
Pariah: a social outcast, person that is despised or avoided, one who is rejected by others
Obliterate: to do away with completely so as to leave no trace, to erase
Gigahertz: a unit of frequency equal to one billion cycles per second
Mephistophelian: of Mephistopheles, fiendish, diabolical, crafty, malevolent, cunning
Panoramic: unbroken view of an entire surrounding area, inclusive presentation, survey 
Callipygian: having a beautiful, admirable, or sexy butt
Aperture: opening, such as a hole, gap, or slit, part of a camera
Whorl: swirling object, tornado, form that coils or spirals, a curl or swirl
Iota: infinitesimal amount, small amount, bit, mote, scintilla
Ballast: heavy material specially set to improve strength and control, bed of coarse gravel
Ancillary: auxiliary, of secondary importance, not prioritized, secondary, subordinate
Triumph: victory, win, or conquest, to prevail, prove superior, exult, cheer over a victory
Pagination: system by which pages are numbered, arrangement of pages in a book
Banderilla: decorated dart that is shot into the neck of the bull during a bull fight 
Decussate: shaped or resembling an X, to intersect, to cross or become crossed like an X
Conchitic: composed of shells, containing many shells
Ecumenopolis: one city comprising the world that is held to be a prospect of the future
Fiduciary: of, having to with, or involving a confidence, trust, or trust for another 
Prolegomenon: mental training leading to added grasp, growth, or knowledge in a field

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