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Friday, April 8, 2011

25th Page

Clithridiate is one of my absolute favorite words.

Viceroy: governor, representative of a sovereign
Cavil: to object or criticize adversely for trivial reasons, flimsy objection or qualm
Permutation: complete change, a transformation, act of altering a set of objects in a group
Numeral: symbol used to represent, denote, or symbolize a number
Isotope: atom whose nucleus contains an abnormal number of neutrons
Orismology: the science of defining technical terms and making those terms
Plastron: under part of a turtle or tortoise shell, breastplate beneath a coat of chain mail
Ululate: loudly lament, howl or wail, as with grief, yell
Alkahest: hypothetical universal solvent sought by the alchemists, azoth
Skewer: to stab, to drive a skewer through, a long, sharpened metal or wooden stick
Anschauung: intuition or perception of sense data with little or no rational interpretation
Misanthropy: hatred, faithlessness, or mistrust of humankind
Synecdoche: a reference to a part as opposed to the whole, girl as “skirt” ship as “sail”
Hermetic: wholly sealed, chiefly against the entry of air, impervious to outside influence
Interval: intervening period of time, period of temporary cessation, pause
Postmortem: of, pertaining to, or occurring in the time following death
Climax: highest or most intense point in the making or resolution of something, summit
Drepaniform: falciform, hooked, curved, or shaped like a sickle, falcate
Aposiopesis: abrupt stop of a thought in a sentence, as if the speaker could not continue
Barathea: soft fabric of silk and cotton, silk and wool, or all wool
Persiflage: frivolous, bantering talk, bantering talk with derisive treatment of a subject
Lachrymose: dolorous, showing sorrow, crying, weeping, sad, bleary, tearful
Conduit: means by which something is transmitted, channel for conveying fluids
Renegade: one who rejects a cause or ideology for another, deserter, outlaw, rebel 
Subterfuge: deceptive stratagem or device, deception via artifice to evade, hide, or escape
Ocular: of, pertaining to, or for the eyes, of the nature of an eye, optic
Cashielaws: old Scottish instrument of torture, consisting of a heated iron case for the leg
Umbrage: offense, affront, the shade beneath a tree, shade, suspicion, reason for doubt
Calibrate: to check, adjust, or determine by comparison with a standard
Detritus: remnants of disintegration, vaporized or eroded matter, loose, leftover material
Philanthropy: the effort or drive to further the well-being of humankind, generosity
Onanism: masturbation, the act of masturbation, coitus interruptus 
Manifold: many and varied, of many kinds, multiple, having many features or forms
Perspicacious: having keen mental perception and insight, discerning, keen-sighted
Echt: not fake or counterfeit, real, genuine, authentic 
Schwerpunkt: application of decisive force at or on a critical point
Mimesis: imitation or representation of the world, mostly in literature and art, mimicry
Iatrogenic: induced by a physician, be it words, therapy, or treatment
Haruspex: priest who practiced divination through the medium of animal entrails
Vraic: kelp, seaweed, collected seaweed to be used as fertilizers
Crpytozoology: study or search of creatures whose existence has not been substantiated
Goliath: person or thing of massive size and/or power, colossus, behemoth
Impecunious: lacking money, penniless, having very little or no money
Amanuensis: secretary, one who is employed to take dictation or to copy manuscript 
Clithridiate: keyhole-shaped, resembling a keyhole

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