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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

16th Page

I am so dangerously cool, doling out the best and obviously most coveted stuff on blogspot. It's no wonder that I elicit such huge waves in communities. People ask me how I do it, I philosophically respond, "it;s just how I do".

Sangfroid: composure or coolness as shown in danger, imperturbability
Theca: case, sheath, capsule, covering
Vermiculate: to adorn or decorate with wavy or winding lines, worm-eaten, sinuous
Testatrix: a female testator, a woman writing her last will and testament
Chondrule: small, round granule of outer space origin seen embedded in some meteorites
Serpentarium: a place where snakes are kept, as for exhibition
Zodiac: region in the heavens on either side to the ecliptic, divided into 12 constellations
Vignette: a sketch, brief literary or visual event, description
Megalith: very large stone used in various prehistoric architectures or monumental styles
Chantpleure: to cry while singing, to cry and sing simultaneously
Pyrotechnics: art of making or using fireworks, the use of fireworks for display purposes
Adjudicate: to pronounce, hear and settle, or decree by judicial sentence
Scintilla: an infinitesimal item or mote
Knickknackatory: a collection or arrangement of knickknacks
Concinnity: harmony in the arrangement or fitness of parts with respect to a whole
Bourgeoisie: the middle class, the middle class in Communist theory
Fainéant: sluggard, do-nothing, ne’er-do-well , idle and ineffectual
Incognito: with one's identity disguised or concealed, under an assumed name or identity
Portico: porch or walkway with a roof supported by columns, often leads into an entrance
Weltanschauung: inclusive grasp or image of the universe and of humanity's relation to it
Griffonage: cacography, bad penmanship, careless handwriting, crude or illegible scrawl
Nocturne: work of art or piece of music dealing with or evocative of evening or night 
Prevaricate: to deviate from the truth, speak equivocally or evasively, to lie
Bacchanalia: riotous, boisterous, or drunken festivity/, orgy, drunken feast
Meretricious: drawing attention in a vulgar manner, gaudy, tawdry, superficially attractive
Dolorifuge: something that banishes or mitigates grief, an escape or remedy to despair
Harridan: scolding old woman, nag, nasty, bad-tempered woman
Lexiphanes: pretentious word user, bombastic or magniloquent person
Isochronal: uniform in time, having equal duration, recurring at regular intervals 
Oxylophyte: plant that thrives in or is restricted to acidic soil 
Paralysis: loss or impairment of the ability to move a body part, inability to move
Necropolis: cemetery, especially a large and elaborate one belonging to an ancient city 
Aileron: small moveable platforms on the back of plane wings that alter air movements
Epicacracy: Schadenfreude, sadism, pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others 
Pococurante: nonchalant, indifferent, lukewarm in opinion, insouciant
Mystagouge: person who interprets mysteries and mysticism or initiates others into them,
Rhapsody: impassioned, inspired, or vibrant literature or music
Noumenal: regarding a thing that can be thought of, but not perceived in experience 
Plateau: elevated, mostly level expanse of land, relatively stable level, period, or state
Ciborium: vessel, receptacle for the blessed sacrament or consecrated wafers
Swath: width of a scythe-stroke, strips or radii made by something
Vituperate: to rebuke or criticize harshly or abusively, berate, scold, condemn
Bailiwick: person's area of interest, skill, or authority, special domain, bailiff’s office
Hierophant: explainer or solver of mysteries or phenomena, expositor
Vernacular: everyday language spoken by a people as distinguished from the literary 

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