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Friday, March 18, 2011

Fourth Page

I could endlessly pontificate on these words, but instead I opt to merely post them and invisibly exalt them on their nonexistent altar.

Miasma: atmosphere of disease, fine mist of effluvium or bacteria, noxious emanation
Phthisis: disease characterized by the wasting away or atrophy of the body or a part of it
Xiphoid: shaped like a sword, sword like, ensiform
Chiasmus: rhetorical, inverse sentence, “One should eat to live, not live to eat”
Telos: the end of a goal-oriented process, ultimate goal, philosophical ultimate
Imbroglio: extremely confused, complicated, or embarrassing situation
Panoply: a full collection or array, full set of armor
Necromancy: the art or practice of magically conjuring up the souls of the dead
Ophidian: snake-like, like, shaped like, or relating to snakes
Famulus: sorcerer’s apprentice or assistant
Clepsydra: device that measured time by marking regulated flow of water via an opening
Hecatomb: large-scale sacrifice or slaughter, tribute to Gods, massacre, a large amount
Celeripedean: quick-footed, swift, fast-running
Exsanguinate: to drain of blood, to be drained of blood
Aeolian: pertaining to, of, related to, caused by or like the wind or Aeolus
Ethereal: heavenly, airy in substance, spectral, insubstantial and light
Anacoluthon: abrupt shift in a sentence to another construction conflicting with the first
Quotidian: daily, mundane, occurring every day
Brusque: abrupt and curt in manner or speech, discourteously blunt
Poltroon: a base or abject coward, cowardly person
Mormorando: musical direction, murmuring or with a murmuring sound
Limbo: region on the border of hell or heaven, a condition of oblivion or neglect
Empyreal: related to the empyrean, celestial
Arabesque: ballet twirl, type of artistry involving a continuous, rotating design
Xenolith: rock fragment foreign to the igneous mass in which it occurs 
Halberdier: a soldier, guard, or attendant armed with a halberd 
Garrulous: given or prone to conversation, loquacious, talkative, predisposed to chatting 
Mystique: the special, esoteric skill or mysterious faculty essential in a calling or activity
Pterodactyl: flying dinosaur of a mostly tailless variety
Afflatus: strong creative impulse, especially as a result of divine inspiration, inspiration
Verisimilitude: the appearance or semblance of truth or reality in a fictional medium
Bruxer: one who suffers habitual, involuntary grinding or clenching of the teeth
Envenomate: to poison, to put poison in or into something
Rariora: pl. unusual collector’s items, outstanding items, prize pieces
Cognoscitive: having the power of knowing, having the ability to know or discover
Fulgurate: to emit flashes of lightning, to dart like lightning, to resemble lightning
Brumous:  pertaining or relating to winter, foggy, misty, dull and sunless, cold
Orbicular: circular or spherical, of, like, relating to, or resembling a sphere or orb
Niveous: snowy or resembling snow, like, of, relating to, or made of snow
Degringolade: a rapid decline or deterioration, as in strength, position, or condition
Cenotaph: an unmarked grave
Talisman: item marked with magic signs though to confer magical powers or repel evil
Masquerade: festive gathering characterized by participants wearing masks
Heliotrope: light purple, type of flower
Delenda: that which needs to be deleted, something that has been deleted

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