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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I really would like to further discuss these words, the sole problem being the sheer number of them.

Lucubration: laborious study or meditation, writing produced by laborious effort or study
Infinitesimal: so small as to approach zero, immeasurably or incalculably minute
Machination: intrigue, crafty and involved plot to achieve typically sinister ends
Concatenate: to link together, unite in a series or chain
Selcouth: unusual, rare, unique, or strange
Demesne: a lord’s privately owned manor or section of land
Noctilucence: cloud phenomenon typified by lights at night, visible or glowing at night
Aviatrix: female aviator
Susurrus: a whisper, something which resembles a whisper
Propinquity: nearness in place, approximate location, proximity, vicinity
Myopic: nearsighted, unable or unwilling to act wisely, lacking tolerance or insight
Clerisy: the well-educated or learned class, intelligentsia, cognoscenti
Oeillade: an amorous glance, ogle
Phantasmagoria: shifting series of phantasms, illusions, or deceptive images
Omniscient: having total knowledge, knowing everything, having infinite wisdom
Poignant: profoundly moving, touching, physically or emotionally painful
Epigone: inferior imitator, disciple, second-rate replica, counterfeit
Sestina: poem of six six-line stanzas and a three-line envoy
Ineluctable: unavoidable, inescapable, inevitable, not to be avoided, changed, or resisted
Microscopic: so small as to be invisible or indistinct without the use of the microscope
Promethean: boldly creative, defiantly original, deviating genius
Spoonerism: transposition of sounds of two or more words, especially a ludicrous one 
Hoarfrost: rime, frozen dew that forms a white coating on a surface 
Ichor: fluid that flows like blood in the veins of the gods, any bloodlike fluid
Tesserect: four-dimensional equivalent or analogue of a cube
Bezaleel: the shadow of God, God’s shadow
Zeitgeist: spirit of the time, the taste and outlook characteristics of a period or generation
Catharsis: purgation, emotional purification, relieving of emotional tensions
Athanasy: quality of being deathless, immortality
Esoterica: item or thing that is esoteric, obscure, rare, or valuable
Magisterial: of, relating to, or having the features of a master or teacher, authoritative
Pellucid: translucently clear, limpid, lucid, transparently shimmering
Helix: a spiral, spiral-shaped object or string
Ocarina: a simple wind instrument or toy having a mouthpiece and fingerholes
Tincture: trace or vestige, color or tint, substance that colors, dyes, or stains, infusion
Velleity: flimsy wish or desire
Salubrious: health-giving, healthy, healthful, relating to good health
Apothegm: terse, witty, instructive saying, maxim, generally accepted truth, aphorism
Vitriolic: filled with bitter criticism or malice, acerbic
Etiolate: to stunt growth, deprive of strength , to whiten by blocking sunlight exposure
Azoth: mythologized universal solvent, panacea
Paradigm: clearly defined archetype, typical example or pattern of something 
Eutectic: of, relating to, or formed at the lowest temperature, as in a melting point
Claviger: one that keeps or has the keys, custodian, warden
Parabola: mathematical term, looks akin to a “u” or “n”

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