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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

9th Page

I still have yet to read "The Mezzanine". I'm a big fan of metafiction.

Horripilation: bristling of the body hair, as from fear or cold, goose bumps
Adumbrate: to explain faintly or opaquely outline, describe
Peccadillo: insignificant sin or wrongdoing, trifling fault
Fusillade: salvo, rapid discharge of firearms
Acroamatic: communicated orally, oral, applied to the teachings of Aristotle
Mezzanine: partial story between two main stories of a building, lowest balcony of theater
Aphelion: when the orbit of earth is furthest from the sun
Chiaroscuro: composition of strong contrasts in light and dark
Homogenous: of the same or similar nature or kind, of uniform structure or makeup
Antediluvian: antiquated, extremely old, old-aged
Embarcadero: a landing place, especially a landing place on an island waterway
Sprachgefühl: feeling or intuitive grasp for linguistics or language, character of language
Prestidigitation: act of or skill in performing magic or conjurations, sleight of hand
Mountebank: charlatan, quack, peddler of swindle and kitsch made to pilfer money
Criterion: standard, rule, or test on which a judgment or decision can be based
Perfunctory: done routinely and with little interest or care, lacking in enthusiasm
Exoskeleton: external supportive or protective structure or framework, often of an insect
Resplendent: sublime, full of color, dazzling, splendid
Katzenjammer: loud, harsh noise, hangover, state of depression or bewilderment
Indefatigable: incapable or seemingly incapable of being fatigued, tireless, inexhaustible
Colophon: inscription at the end of a book, an identifying emblem for a book
Harlequinade: harlequin’s main piece, comic pranks, lively buffoonery
Picaroon: a pirate, to act as a pirate, a pirate ship, one who lives by his wits, rouge
Excoriate: to tear or wear off the skin of, abrade 
Sinecure: an easy occupation or one which requires almost no responsibility
Automaton: self-operating machine or mechanism, especially a robot
Pragmatic: practical as opposed to idealistic, artistic, or intellectual 
Denigrate: disparage, to attack the character or reputation of, speak ill of, defame 
Wappenshaw: periodic muster or review of troops or persons under arms
Ingravescent: gradually becoming more severe, worsening, usually of a medical condition
Pneumatic: of or relating to air or other gases, propelled or utilized by air pressure
Caliginous: misty, dim, obscure, dark, gloomy, tenebrous
Equestrian: of, relating to, or featuring horseback riding
Vicissitudes: changes of circumstances of fortune 
Bravura: music term, brilliant technique or style in performance, piece requiring high skill
Tellurian: terrestrial, inhabiting the earth, pertaining to the earth, earthen
Providence: divine guidance or care, divine foresight
Incorporeal: immaterial, ghostly, ethereal, lacking material form or substance 
Cognomen: familial name, surname, especially a third name
Marionette: a puppet bound by strings and controlled with wooden bars
Surreptitious: stealthy, kept secret, hidden
Nautilus: cephalopod mollusk, usually fossilized
Diaspora: dissemination, dispersion, random or selective re-distribution
Vista: view, prospect, perspective, spectrum of peripheral boundaries
Cynosure: that which garners great attention by calling to its brilliance, interest

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