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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Page 15

Isn't it just so great that I do this almost daily? O, humble reader, what a treat you're in for. Seriously, though, I do realize this shit can be thoroughly uninteresting to the average person. Forgive me my trespasses.

Bardiglio: finely-grained, multi-gray Italian marble
Duumvirate: two people holding the same office, duo, two people working in conjunction
Vichyssoise: thick type of potato soup
Carcinogen: an agent or substance that causes cancer
Expatiate: to speak or write at length or in considerable detail, expound, elaborate
Woebegone: affected with or marked by deep sorrow, grief, or wretchedness
Grimalkin: cat, especially an old female cat, old woman considered to be ill-tempered
Malapropos: out of place, inappropriate, in an inopportune or inappropriate manner
Gnathonic: sycophantic, fawning, flattering, deceitfully flattering
Roseate: rose-colored, rosy, optimistic, cheerful and bright, promising
Catholicon: a supposed medicine to cure all diseases, panacea
Decorticate: to remove the bark, husk, or outer covering from
Xertz: to gulp a beverage down enthusiastically, heartily, and/or quickly, to quaff
Convalesce: to recover or recuperate, recover from a serious injury
Foudroyant: dazzling, scintillating, sudden and overwhelming
Grimoire: textbook of sorcery and magic, magical or mystical tome, esoteric book
Halcyon: legendary kingfisher, tranquil, calm, without strife, serene
Chrematistic: of, relating to, or occupied in the gaining of wealth
Mausoleum: large, stately tomb or building housing several tombs
Oubliette: dungeon with only opening at the top
Amethyst: deep purple, deep-purple gemstone
Phylactery: amulet or charm which protects from harm, receptacle containing a holy relic
Cromlech: circle of monoliths or stones usually enclosing a dolmen(tomb) or mound
Eidos: formal content of the mental or intellectual makeup of a culture or social group
Quietus: finishing stroke, anything that effectually ends or settles, death, end
Redivivus: revived, come back to life, resurrected, resuscitated
Syzygy: alignment or unity of specific objects, notably in space or literature
Asterisk: (*) used to indicate an omission, reference, a word, sound, or affix 
Rorqual: genus of whales, type of whale
Obsequious: fawning, sycophantic, servile
Hamulus: a small hook or hook-like process, especially at the end of a bone 
Labyrinth: maze, puzzling complex or circuitous plan
Obfuscate: to cloud over, obscure, make dark or unclear, to muddle, confuse, bewilder Baccalaureate: bachelor’s degree, valedictory speech
Dynamitard: one that uses dynamite for anarchistic or other political acts of violence 
Requiem: mass for a deceased person, song for the deceased, solemn chant, dirge
Quantum: quantity or amount, a large quantity or bulk, specific amount, small amount
Galvanize: to stimulate or shock with an electric current, to arouse to awareness or action 
Quinquevir: one of five officials appointed for some special object, council, or purpose
Cunctipotent: all-powerful, omnipotent, endless in power
Sojourn: brief visit, stopover, jaunt
Parochial: narrowly restricted in scope or outlook, provincial, pertaining to a parish
Cruciverbalist: one who is skillful in creating or solving crossword puzzles
Memorabilia: pl. things remarkable and worthy of remembrance or record
Tchotchke: knickknack, collectible, trinket, bibelot, bijou

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