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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Double Update. I Was Too Busy Saving Lives Yesterday to Care

Double dose due to my dilatory diversions.

Existential: of, relating to, or dealing with existence, pertaining to existentialism
Noyade: destruction or execution by drowning, a murder by drowning
Regicide: the killing of a king, the act of killing a king
Celestial: heavenly, of a higher plane, empyreal, of space
Tessellation: tile pattern sans gaps or extraneous spaces, mathematical pattern
Entropy: the quantitative measure of disorder in a system
Plexus: any complex structure containing an intricate network of parts
Homunculus: diminutive human, small human as a product of alchemical processes
Ersatz: being a usually artificial and inferior substitute or imitation, artificial, synthetic
Scramasax: long and heavy knife used by the Franks, having a blade often 20 inches long
Calcaneus: the heel bone
Fuselage: central body of an aircraft, to which the wings and tail assembly are attached
Agnostic: religion positing that any ultimate reality is unknown and likely unknowable
Cuneiform: wedge-shaped, Sumerian language
Hieroglyphic: picture writing system, a writing system that uses symbols or pictures
Denouement: final resolution or clarification of a dramatic or narrative plot
Ventriloquist: puppeteer utilizing vocal techniques and manipulations
Apteryx: genus of flightless birds
Cinquefoil: five-leaved, plant with limbs that are five-leaved, five-pointed leaves
Manifesto: announcement of intentions, opinions, or motives, usually of a political nature
Bibliophile: someone who loves (and usually collects) books, book collector
Vestigial: of, relating to, or constituting a vestige(trace, mark, or sign left by something)
Dimension: measure of spatial extent, especially width, height, or length, extent, scope
Spatiotemporal: of, relating to, or existing in both space and time, relating to space-time 
Effluvium: foul discharge or emanation, emission
Dogmatic: lacking tolerance, compliance, or breadth of view, forcibly assertive
Satellite: celestial body that orbits a planet, a moon, object designed to orbit a planet
Asteroid: small, irregularly-shaped rocky bodies that orbit the Sun, shaped like a star
Incisive: penetrating, clear, and sharp, as in operation or expression
Craquelure: fine pattern of dense cracking formed on the surface of paintings 
Promulgate: make known(as a decree or dogma) by open declaration, proclaim
Tintinnabulation: ringing or sounding of bells, the sound of bells
Magniloquent: lofty and profuse in speech, grandiloquent, pompous in speech, bombastic
Expunge: to strike out, obliterate, or to mark for deletion
Panacea: a cure-all, medicine, herb, or concoction designed or functioning as a cure-all
Quarantine: period of isolation or detention, strict isolation
Colloquial: informal, as in speech, conversationally informal
Impervious: impenetrable, incapable of being affected or harmed, not susceptible
Erubescent: becoming red, reddening, becoming ruddy
Narthex: enclosed passage between the main entrance and the nave of a church 
Polymath: person of great learning in several fields of study, polyhistor
Obelisk: tall, four-sided stone pillar, tapered and monolithic, that rises to a pointed top
Myriad: multitude, litany, an amount of, usually large, collection in large numbers
Effervesce: to bubble over, to boil with frothy bubbles, to excite
Lapis Lazuli: gemstone of intense blue

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Golgotha: a place of burial, cemetery, tomb, catacomb, necropolis
Artemisia: type of plant, genus of aromatic shrubs or herbs
Incalescent: becoming hotter or growing more ardent, boiling
Fanfaronade: bragging or blustering manner or behavior, fanfare, riotous applause
Cuvette: a small, transparent, often tubular laboratory vessel 
Kismet: fate, fortune, chance, faith thereof
Threnody: song, hymn, or poem reflecting on mourning or a tribute to the deceased
Gasconade: extravagant boasting, boastful talk, arrogant self-praise, to gasconade
Ultracrepidate: to criticize beyond the sphere of one's knowledge
Echolalia: immediate and involuntary repetition of words or phrases just spoken by others
Vespertine: crepuscular, pertaining to, of, or related to the evening
Penultimate: next to the last in a series, relating to a penult, pertaining to the penultimate
Menagerie: collection of animals in cages or enclosures, diverse hodgepodge, gallery, zoo
Catalexis: absence of one or more syllables in a line of verse, especially in the last foot 
Holocaust: great or complete devastation or destruction, especially by fire, sacrifice
Recumbentibus: knockout punch, either verbal or physical, lethal bludgeon, powerful hit 
Odalisque: female servant, female servant in a harem
Apocryphal: of questionable authorship or authenticity, erroneous, fictitious 
Cachinnation: act of laughing hard, loudly or convulsively, guffawing, cackling
Quandary: state of uncertainty or perplexity, predicament, dilemma
Lexicon: wordbook or dictionary, vocabulary of a language
Nullibicity: state of non-existence, quality or state of being nowhere
Patina: natural tarnish from wear of usage and passage of time, verdigris
Metalloid: element that has both metallic and nonmetallic properties 
Isinglass: thin sheet of translucent mica
Aesthetic: having a sense of the beautiful, pertaining to a sense of the beautiful
Galaxy: collection of stars, gas, and dust bound together by gravity 
Recherché: elegant, refined or tasteful, sophisticated
Wanweird: an unhappy fate, the misery of life, a sad fate
Metamorphosis: transformation, as by magic or sorcery, drastic physical or mental change
Conquistador: a conqueror, especially one of the 16th-century Spanish soldiers 
Macedoine: mixture of diced fruits and vegetables, medley, mixture 
Visurient: hungry for visual stimuli, pertaining to the desire evoked from vision
Cislunar: of or relating to the space between earth and the moon or the moon’s orbit
Pandiculation: the act of stretching and yawning, especially upon waking, yawning
Sesquipedalian: having many syllables, long, given to or typified by the use of long words
Nimbus: dark, grey cloud bearing rain, splendid atmosphere or aura, cloudy radiance
Tatterdemalion: person wearing ragged or tattered clothing, ragamuffin, ragged, tattered
Stochastic: typified by conjecture, conjectural, process using a group of random variables
Octothorpe: the symbol (#), also known as the crosshatch, hash, or numeral sign 
Haphazard: aimless, chaotic, typified by lack of order, planning, or by variability
Palaver: conference or discussion, idle chat, chat with flattery of cajolery involved
Impresario: sponsor who books and stages public attractions, director or manager thereof
Cartesian: of or relating to the philosophy of Descartes 
Mermithergate: ant that has a changed appearance as a result of a nematode infection 

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