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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Double Dose, 23 Skidoo. The End of the Prettiest Words(I'll Add More tomorrow)

Well, that's the entire list. I'll post the list as a whole in a few days(extremely tl;dr), between now and then I'm working on an obscurer top 50 Prettiest(subjective warning), I'll probably do a Word a Day for a bit, then get on track for Coolest(it's almost entirely finished(the subjective 50 is done too), and have not even begun Funniest yet(it's written[not typed], but fact checking and new additions take a long time at +20 hours), after which I'll probably hazard an update or something. There's plenty of info, and I won't just do words. And I won't be updating from the 10th-14th/15th, as I am going to PAX East. Coolest will begin upon my return. Not sure how long my wallpapers will last, so I'll find some pics or interesting videos or music, regardless, every post will have some form of media to pretty it up. I also need to compound a Favorite Word List.

Bricolage: something made or put together using any materials that happen are available
Litterateur: literary-minded person, one devoted to the study or writing of literature
Shadow: shade within clear boundaries
Effleurage: a light, stroking movement used in massage, a soft caress
Coquette: woman who makes teasing sexual or romantic overtures, a flirt or tease
Famished: extremely hungry, ravenous, starved
Sussurant: whispering, making a continuous, low, and indistinct sound
Otiose: indolent, lazy, serving no useful purpose, futile, being a leisure
Poignant: profoundly moving, touching, physically or emotionally painful
Ingravescent: gradually becoming more severe, worsening, usually of a medical condition
Dioscuric: describing a twin, whether person or event, of a twin, of a duplicate
Bibliophile: someone who loves (and usually collects) books, book collector
Palaver: conference or discussion, idle chat, chat with flattery of cajolery involved
Glacial: slow, staggering, of or pertaining to glaciers or ice sheets
Opulence: wealth, affluence, great abundance, profusion, pretentiousness
Naiad: a nymph, a river, lake, fountain, or spring nymph or spirit
Euphoria: feeling of great happiness or well-being, felicity
Cheilion: the corner of the mouth or oral cavity
Frolic: to behave playfully and candidly, romp, to engage in flirting, joking, or teasing
Radii: pl. any line segment from the center of a circle or sphere to its perimeter
Provocative: tending or serving to provoke, inciting, stimulating, irritating, or vexing
Deign: to condescend to do something thought to be slightly beneath one's dignity
Mewl: whimper, cry like an infant, meow like a kitten, to weakly cry
Clarion: medieval trumpet with clear shrill tones, clear and shrill, loud burst of sound
Escamotage: juggling, hand trickery, sleight of hand, legerdemain 
Plumage: entire feathery covering or portion of a bird, feathers collectively 
Fissure: long narrow opening, a crack or cleft, process of splitting or separating, division 
Choreography: the art of creating and arranging dances or ballets 
Impluvium: of a Roman house, rectangular pool in an atrium used to gather rain water 
Bastille: imprisonment, jail, prison
Mizzenmast: third mast or the mast aft the mainmast on a ship having 3 or more masts 
Equestrian: of, relating to, or featuring horseback riding
Impedimenta: pl. things that hinder growth or movement
Repartee: swift, witty reply, conversation marked by the exchange of witty retorts 
Palimpsest: erased parchment, which is then reused, manuscript written over earlier ones 
Coercion: the act of coercing, the use of pressure, threats, blackmail, or intimidation
Formulaic: being of no special quality or type, average, routine, undistinguished
Serenade: courtesy performance given to honor or express love for someone, to serenade
Ellipsis: omission of a word or phrase necessary for a complete syntactical construction
Incipient: in or at an initial stage, beginning to exist or appear
Glisten: to shine by reflection with a sparkling luster, coruscate, shimmer
Ambience: atmosphere, a particular environment or surrounding influence, aura
Insipid: lacking flavor or zest, lacking excitement, stimulation, or interest, dull, vapid
Cascarilla: West Indian shrub with aromatic bark, typically used in incense or tonics
Paraph: a flourish at the end of a signature, may be used as a safeguard against forgery
Embarcadero: a landing place, especially a landing place on an island waterway
Fuselage: central body of an aircraft, to which the wings and tail assembly are attached 
Nullifidian: a person having no faith, religion, convictions, or beliefs

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