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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

21. Alcoholism.

Plenty of cool and pretty words doled out here. "Cytherean" is especially awesome.

Blaze: bright flame of fire, bright steady light or glare, hot gleam
Solipsism: philosophical idea that only one's own mind is sure to exist
Artemisia: type of plant, genus of aromatic shrubs or herbs
Cypress: swampy tree or plant, plant or tree occurring in swamps
Lethe: condition of forgetfulness, oblivion
Shallow: lacking physical depth, lacking depth of intellect, emotion, or knowledge
Ponceau: a strong red to reddish orange
Frost: hoarfrost, degree or state of coldness, covering of minute ice needles
Soufflé: light, fluffy baked dish
Valiant: possessing valor, brave, marked by or done with valor
Eclipse: any obscuration of light, reduction or loss of splendor, status, or reputation
Alienate: to estrange, to cause to become unfriendly or hostile
Basilica: large, public building the Romans used, usually as a courtroom or meeting hall
Vacuity: emptiness, vacivity, absence, lack of matter in a space, vacuum
Ilium: upper part of the bony femur at the hip joint
Oblivion: condition or quality of being completely forgotten, void, forgetfulness
Aria: air or song, a melody, solo in an opera accompanied by instrumentation
Conciliate: to win over from a state of hostility or distrust, appease
Magisterial: of, relating to, or having the features of a master or teacher, authoritative
Bayonet: blade adapted to fit the muzzle-end of a rifle and as a weapon in close combat
Nucleus: central part about which other parts are grouped or gathered
Eristic: characterized by disputatious, often subtle and specious reasoning
Perforate: to pierce, punch, or bore a hole or holes in, stab through, penetrate 
Vexation: the act of annoying, irritating, or vexing, quality or condition of being vexed 
Dislodge: to remove or force out from a position or dwelling previously occupied 
Impetus: a drive or compelling force, motivation, a reason to do something
Vaccinate: to inoculate with a vaccine of prepared medicine
Cytherean: pertaining to beauty or the goddess, Aphrodite
Fumulus: a thin cloud resembling a veil and forming at any level
Percolate: to filter, to cause to filter, to cause to pass through pores or small holes 
Apophenia: the perception of or belief in connectedness among unrelated phenomena 
Coriander: aromatic herb, herb used in a variety of perfumes
Iscariotic: traitorous, treacherous, given to betrayal, having committed betrayal
Lacerate: to cut or tear irregularly, to distress, mangle 
Bordereau: a detailed note or memorandum of account
Hallucinate: to affect or be affected with visions or imaginary perceptions 
Semiotician: one who studies, applies, or explains the theories of semiotics
Marble: highly-polished building material, irregularly colored
Congelifraction: splitting or disintegration of rocks as a result of the freezing of the water 
Acedia: ennui, state of torpor of listlessness, spiritual apathy 
Estuary: inlet or arm of the sea, an open river that connects to the sea 
Scoliosis: abnormal lateral curvature of the spine, affliction thereof
Austere: severe or stern in disposition, discipline, or appearance, somber and grave 
Orbital: of, pertaining to, or relating to an orbit
Nimbus: dark, grey cloud bearing rain, splendid atmosphere or aura, cloudy radiance

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