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Thursday, March 17, 2011

3rd Page, of 32

Page 3, 'nuff said.

Eyethurl: window, aperture or hole to be viewed through with the eyes
Scialytic: dispersing shadows, typically with light
Fumarole: hole in an area of volcanic activity from which gases and hot smoke escape
Rixatrix: scolding or quarrelsome woman
Logocracy: governmental system in which words are the ruling power
Tenebrous: hard to understand, dark and gloomy, without light, shadowy
Myrmidon: loyal follower, subordinate who executes orders unquestioningly
Quoz: absurd, weird, queer, absurd person, weird object, hard to quantify
Pergelisol: permanently or perennially frozen ground, permafrost
Tourmaline: multifarious gemstone of grossly differing colors
Legerdemain: sleight of hand, show of skill or deceitful cleverness
Usquebaugh: Scottish whiskey, whiskey
Cacoethes: uncontrollable urge or desire, especially for something harmful, mania
Macrocosm: the entire world, the universe, any large-scale system
Sirocco: hot, humid south or southeast wind of southern Italy
Tzigane: gypsy, Hungarian gypsy
Oneironaut: person who explores dream worlds, usually associated with lucid dreaming
Morass: area of low-lying, soggy ground, something that hinders, engulfs, or overwhelms
Farrago: assortment or a medley, a conglomeration, confused mixture, hodgepodge
Crepuscular: pertaining to the evening, of or resembling twilight, active at twilight
Archetype: original model or type after which similar things are patterned,  prototype
Quaquaversal: directed outward from a common center to all points, omnidirectional
Naos: an ancient, classical temple, inner portion of a Greek temple
Coloratura: elaborate or technical vocal music with florid ornamentation 
Maquette: scale model of a large item, usually of a house
Sidereal: of, related, pertaining to, or determined by the stars or constellations
Lacuna: omission or empty space, gap in chronology
Paronomasia: pun, word play, punning 
Samovar: metal urn with a spigot at the base, teapot
Ylem: primordial material which all the elements supposedly have been derived from
Borasca: squall, usually accompanied by thunder and lightning 
Abecedarian: one who teaches or studies the alphabet, one who is just learning, beginner
Lithosphere: outermost shell of a planet, the crust and uppermost mantle
Synchronicity: theory of, coincidence of two or more curiously similar events 
Vitiate: impair, spoil, to the reduce quality of, to make worse
Eftsoons: soon afterward, immediately
Xanthous: yellow, having yellow skin or light brown skin
Myrrh: fragrant resin gum from a type of tree, used chiefly for perfume
Chthonic: of or relating to the underworld, stygian, infernal
Wyvern: type of dragon, typically without legs
Simulacrum: image or representation, false, unreal, or vague simulation or semblance
Astrobleme: scar on the earth's surface left from the impact of a meteorite, crater
Pizzicato: music term, played by plucking rather than bowing
Victuals: food to be eaten, provisions, food cache, pabulum, comestibles, nutrients
Stillicide: water falling from the roof of a house or a gutter

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