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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Page, the Fifth

Every word on the entire list rightfully deserves a devoted analysis, but I'm rather keen on first posting the entirety. 

Lemniscate: the infinity symbol, any figure-eight symbol
Moribund: approaching death, about to die, on the verge of becoming obsolete 
Succinct: briefly stated, laconic, terse
Leitmotif: musical passage associated to a specific situation, character, or idea
Hydroplane: to skim a surface, to skim along on the surface of the water, as in a car
Vacivity: vacuity, emptiness, absence, space with a lack of matter
Alabaster: dense translucent, white or tinted fine-grained gypsum 
Ornithopter: aircraft-shaped machine that is held aloft and propelled by wing movements 
Ampersand: the symbol (&) representing the word “and”
Entelechy: actuality, fully realized essence, actuality opposed to potentiality 
Cygnet: a baby swan, young swan
Naïveté: inexperience, quality of being naïve, artlessness
Epizeuxis: a rhetorical figure by which a word is repeated with vehemence or emphasis 
Phalanx: bone of a finger, compact or close-knit body of people, military squadron
Zeugma: syllepsis, type of pun, "You held your breath and the door for me"
Clavilux: machine that generates light via music
Irascible: marked by ire, a hot temper, and resentful anger
Maelstrom: very powerful whirlpool, large, swirling body of water, turbulent situation
Betwixt: between, in an intermediate position
Cadenza: musical or literary improvisation
Elegiac: resembling or characteristic of or appropriate to an elegy, triste, sad, mournful
Albedo: the ratio of reflected to incident light
Exiguous: excessively scanty, inadequate, meager
Sisyphean: pertaining to or involving endless labor, pertaining to Sisyphus
Quasihemidemisemiquaver: a 128th note 
Peloton: main body of riders in a bicycle race 
Oultrepreu: very brave, having extreme or a dangerous level of valor
Logomachy: dispute about words, battle of words, war of words
Sepulcher: a burial vault, receptacle for sacred relics, especially in an altar 
Zeppelin: large dirigible balloon, rigid airship supported by gas power
Chaos: lack of order, condition or place of disorder or confusion, riotous mass, a jumble 
Neutralize: to make neutral, counterbalance or counteract the effect of; render ineffective
Protean: readily taking on varied forms or meanings, showing sizeable variety or diversity 
Arbalest: medieval missile launcher designed on the crossbow, large crossbow
Crwth: ancient Celtic musical instrument
Miniscule: very small, diminutive, when compared to a normal counterpart
Sfumato: definition or form without hasty outline by mild gradation from light to shadow
Circadian: relating to or exhibiting approximately 24-hour periodicity 
Parapraxis: minor error, Freudian slip, slip of the tongue
Alembic: something that refines, purifies, or transmutes as if by distillation
Zenith: point on the celestial sphere that is above the observer, highest point, maximum
Lixiviation: act of separating soluble from insoluble substances via water or solvent
Bolster: to support and strengthen, structural part used to support and strengthen 
Phoenix: mythical bird of fire which rises from it’s ashes in a cycle of rebirth
Tregetour: juggler, mummer, conjurer

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