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Monday, February 21, 2011

12th Round

Just the 12th page, no real big deal.

Lattice: open framework of material, typically in a crisscross pattern
Seizure: act, condition, or instance of seizing or being seized, fit, spasm, convulsion
Prelude: preceding event or action, music term, preliminary, preambulate
Cithara: ancient Greek instrument, like a lyre
Mithril: fictional, very light, silvery steel
Visceral: pertaining to the viscera, relating to deep feelings as opposed to the intellect
Baccalaureate: bachelor’s degree, valedictory speech
Velvet: soft type of material used in clothing
Avarice: extreme greed for wealth or material gain
Limpid: unclouded, clear, lucid, defined and deep
Solace: comfort or consolation in a time of sadness or distress
Ember: small, glowing fleck of aflame wood or coal
Gracile: gracefully slender or thin, graceful
Sublime: noble, exalted, majestic, empyreal
Azuline: light blue, similar to a light blue
Foliage: plant leaves or greenery, as a collective
Delphic: brotherly, oracular
Vaudeville: bygone slapstick era
Cessation: pause, interruption, ceasing, ending
Innocent: without sin, pure, free from legal or specific wrong, guiltless, naïve, simple
Mizzle: fine rainfall, drizzle
Ambrosia: food of the gods, something overpoweringly delicious or fragrant
Belle-lettres: “beautiful letters” aesthetic literature, as opposed to didactic
Borasca: squall, usually accompanied by thunder and lightning
Sentient: aware, characterized by the ability to feel or perceive, conscious
Fusillade: salvo, rapid discharge of firearms
Wan: pallid, of a sickly complexion
Numeral: symbol used to represent, denote, or symbolize a number
Bivouac: temporary military or squad encampment
Splice: to infuse, join, interweave, unite
Fainéant: sluggard, do-nothing, ne’er-do-well
Mercurial: fickle, erratic, ingenious, changeable, eloquent
Avenue: wide street or thoroughfare, roadway lined with tress
Esper: a being of advanced mentality or with psychic abilities
Sibyl: prophetess, fortune-teller
Escritoire: writing desk, desk designed for studies
Celerity: speed, alacrity, briskness
Athenaeum: institution for the promotion of literary or scientific learning, phrontistery
Ivory: pure white color, material derived from elephant tusks
Copse: thicket of small trees or shrubs, a coppice, small wood, a tree
Gaucherie: awkwardness, inexperience, embarrassments
Sidle: walk in a furtive or timid manner, especially obliquely or roundabout
Pluvial: characterized or relating to rainfall
Mimsy: flimsy and miserable, someone who excels at what they do
Elapse: to pass or go by, to happen

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