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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Page 6, Part 1

"Quisquose" is always a large point of contention, it's a Cocteau Twins song, and they are reputed to be genius, obscure, hipster shit(they're neither of the former). Their frontwoman maintains this definition and this is the only one that I could fact-check in a reasonable period of time. I found out about it from some avenue a long time ago, but not the Cocteau Twins, found them about 3 years ago(think I was searching for the definition, actually). Anyway, that's the sort of point that I'm clarifying and hitherto, it'll just be that way. (Despite the fact that I can't rationalize the etymology of it).

Elicit: to bring or draw out (something latent), educe, summon, to provoke a reaction
Lithosphere: outermost shell of a planet, the crust and uppermost mantle
Objet d’art: object of art
Bibelot: trinket, bauble, small object which is rare or valuable or beautiful, a small book
Cleanse: to free from dirt, defilement, or guilt, purge or clean
Ineffable: indescribable, impossible to describe, enchantingly amazing
Pellucid: translucently clear, limpid, ethereal
Chandelier: ceiling-mounted light fixture or glass structure
Sinecure: an easy occupation or one which requires almost no responsibility
Panacea: a cure-all, medicine, herb, or concoction designed or functioning as a cure-all
Element: fundamental, essential, or irreducible constituent of a composite entity elements
Meniscus: anatomical term, the curve in a liquid when observed in a cylinder
Recherché: elegant, refined or tasteful, sophisticated
Souvenir: keepsake, memento, something of sentimental value
Aphesis: omission of sound or verbiage at the beginning of a word or phrase
Cadence: rhythmic flow of the sounds of language
Symposium: conference for discussion of a particular topic
Resonance: quality of being resonant, extension of sound via sympathetic vibration
Paradigm: clearly defined archetype, typical example or pattern of something
Parabola: mathematical term, looks akin to a “u” or “n”
Xenoglossy: language learned spontaneously and without prior knowledge
Synecdoche: a reference to a part as opposed to the whole, girl as “skirt” ship as “sail”
Amphora: ceramic, two-handled vase with a narrow neck, usually contains alcohol
Essence: intrinsic or indispensable properties that serve to typify or identify something
Andante: music, moderately slow
Pallid: pale, wan, deficient in color
Capriccio: music, improvisation, without adherence to rules
Oasis: fertile, vibrant, or green spot in a desert or wasteland
Aubade: poem or song about dawn/morning, opposite of nocturne
Colliquate: to change from solid to liquid, to liquefy
Vincible: able to be harmed, vulnerable, susceptible, vulnerable
Coloratura: elaborate vocal music
Vivisepulture: the act of being buried alive or burying alive
Succinct: briefly stated, laconic
Emerald: dark green
Sojourn: brief visit, stopover, jaunt
Revenant: specter, ghost, one who returns after a long absence
Stillicide: water falling from the roof of a house
Quotidian: daily, mundane, occurring every day
Quisquose: something which is difficult to deal with
Morceau: a small literary or musical composition
Murmur: low, indistinct, continuous sound, to utter such a sound
Pianissimo: music, very softly
Marmoreal: of, like, made of,  or related to marble
Coracle: small rounded boat made of waterproof material stretched over a frame

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