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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Someone Read Atlas Shrugged and Decided to Rexhuminate it and Dole it out to the General Public

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Look, I don't care whether you are some ardent acolyte of Objectivism(randroid is the colloquial/pejorative term) or if you're some dilatory bastard whittling your hours on some useless lambaste of it(indefatigable genius/"free thinker"), there are some immutable laws of human society and culture. One, you don't create a movie based on a large slab of tepid fiction unless it is capable of being formed into a potentially lucrative and entertaining interpretation or elaboration of it. Two, you don't slap a "part 1" onto something unless you have developed a serious cinematographic arrogance of Tarintinoesque levels. Three, don't expect to have such a meteoric impact as to change lives with a recycled philosophy that's been on the table for 50 years unless you have something to contribute to it, show in a contextual or culturally relevant manner, or give it a bold re-imagination or gritty reboot. Fourth, if you are so intent on capitalizing(get it?) on such a monolithic blockbuster, you should attempt to hire some creative, well-known celebrity behemoths to usher in a new era of cinematic hegemony.

This movie promises to be a drawling, pseudo-intellectual, pretentious jaunt into the psyche of a sadomasochistic luminary(who can only live his life on the edge) who decided that in a two minute trailer, he could compound the worst elements of 2012, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Atlas Shrugged, Jaws(if he is truly a genius, this could make the movie an interesting pastiche/homage, you know, a giant shark that believes in the virtue of selfishness), and nigh soap opera acting with the resplendent plumage that only a C-list(or D-list if you feel dangerously accurate, I am pretty sure Rorschach is trying to kill the black Mormon from House) can effectively strut. Applaud this bold visionary, because his brainchild is likely going to do well financially, captivate or earn censure of critics(either of which garners it cult status anyway), and that patronizing is actually counter-intuitive to the philosophy anent the book in the first place. gg

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