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Friday, February 11, 2011

Page 2, Continues

Yeah, Prettiest Words has been done for a while. Coolest Words is but 5 pages, but will be 21 total. Hopefully your vocab continues to get bigger.

Reverie: an idle daydream
Tacenda: things to not be mentioned or things to be passed over in silence
Sequacious: pertaining to sequence or order, following
Redolent: piquant, aromatic, or memory-invoking
Evocative: that which evokes, something that reminds, inspires, or impresses
Aestival: pertaining to summer
Aeviternal: eternal, endless
Celeripedean: quick-footed
Ailurophile: cat-lover
Citadel: bulwark, a fortress or stronghold, refuge
Lagniappe: gift for extended patronage
Largesse: generous giving of gifts
Niveous: snowy or resembling snow, like, of, relating to, or made of snow
Emulsify: to pour liquid into another non-soluble, creating visible density
Effusive: gushing out or expressive
Exuviate: to shed a shell or molt
Zyzzyva: a type of weevil
Glyph: a sigil or specific insignia, a letter of language, an arcane mark
Wyvern: type of dragon, typically without legs
Vernal: pertaining to spring
Autumnal: pertaining to autumn
Limn: to delineate via depictions or suffuse things with light
Lilt: cadence of voice
Cerulean: watery blue
Delineate: to describe, explain, or demonstrate
Celadon: pale green
Vacillate: to waver between actions or decisions
Epiphany: revelation of thought, typically conceived after an eventful experience
Valance: an ornamental drapery hung across a top edge, as of a bed, table, or canopy
Effervesce: to bubble
Scintilla: an infinitesimal item or mote
Famulus: sorcerer’s apprentice
Sorcerer: practitioner of sorcery, wizard, warlock, magician
Deliquesce: to dissolve or transform into liquid from a solid
Aphelion: when the orbit of earth is furthest from the sun
Terpsichorean: pertaining to dancing
Chiaroscuro: composition of strong contrasts in light and dark
Tintinnabulation: ringing of bells
Fuchsia: bright pinkish-purple
Rhapsody: impassioned literature or music
Novitiate: novice or neophyte
Amaranth: deep-hued purple, flower, metaphor for immortality
Lexiphanes: pretentious word user
Asphodel: flower of the underworld
Syzygy: alignment or unity of specific objects, notably in space or literature


  1. i wonder if i'll ever have to know what a zyzzyva is.

  2. If you get to rehash the whole Master and Commander "lesser of two weevils" pun, you can have yourself a meager anti-joke. Voila, c'est finis.