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Thursday, February 10, 2011

First Page, of 19. Still a Huge Work in Progress.

Prettiest Words

Vignette: a sketch, brief literary or visual event, description
Ethereal: heavenly, airy in substance, spectral, insubstantial and light
Halcyon: legendary kingfisher, tranquil
Loquacious: characterized by talking, talking freely or too much, excessively talkative
Salient: prominent or conspicuous, most important
Balustrade: architecture, series of balusters or parapet
Lustrous: having noticeable or vivid luster and sheen
Chauffer: a designated paid driver for formal occasions
Penumbra: partial shadow
Aquiline: resembling an eagle’s beak, hooked like a beak
Cislunar: space between earth and the moon
Selenian: pertaining to the moon
Amethyst: deep purple, gemstone
Scilicet: to wit
Videlicet: to wit
Berceuse: lullaby
Susurrus: whisper
Vista: view, prospect, perspective
Tranquility: peace
Alluvium: unconsolidated sediments carried by water
Astral: of or pertaining to the aster, stellar, star-shaped, pertaining to the stars
Effluvium: foul discharge or emanation
Emanation: emission, something that is issued by a source
Emission: discharge, emanation
Vesuviate: to erupt, explode, or fulminate
Veracity: truth
Velleity: flimsy wish or desire
Cistern: an underground reservoir
Celesta: ancient musical instrument
Bezaleel: shadow of God
Acquiesce: to passively accept
Coalesce: to fuse, intersect, or entwine to create a unity
Delenda: that which needs to be deleted, something that has been deleted
Cadenza: musical or literary improvisation
Civility: formal or perfunctory politeness, state of being civil
Resplendent: sublime, full of color, dazzling, splendid
Silhouette: picture as an outline, often a human profile, filled in by a solid color
Cynophilist: dog-lover
Pristine: primordial condition, untouched
Taciturn: reticent, quiet
Icicle: a sliver of tapered, frozen water, usually hanging
Meretricious: drawing attention in a vulgar manner, gaudy, tawdry, superficially attractive
Chatoyant: like or resembling a cat’s eye


  1. a couple good ones in there to add to my vocabulary. new follower

  2. Thanks for the add, requited, in style. Keeping reading, you may get more/less interested.