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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

14th Page, I Can Go On Forever!

"Epigone" is a point of curiosity. I pronounce it erroneously(though intentional) as eh-pig-ohn-ee, as opposed to epp-e-gohn or epp-ee-gone. This is sheerly phonoaesthetic, but it's pretty much set in stone for me. I do a similar thing with "mythopoeic"(instead of myth-o-pee-ick, I do myth-o-poe-A-ick), which is actually inculcated from my reading the word in Lolita(and learning it then) and mispronouncing it, but I think it's prettier that way. You'll also note a lot of in here used by Nabokov(some incidental and some not), though I specifically avoided "nymphet"(though, I should add it now) because my list of Coolest Words(30 pages so far) has some coinages, and there are some others on Prettiest("mimsy" q.v.). Eh well, that's about it.

Promethean: boldly creative, defiantly original, deviating genius
Ashlar: a squared block of building stone and dressed for outward placement
Tableaux: pl. deliberate picture, arrangement , vivid, graphic description
Patina: natural tarnish from wear of usage and passage of time, verdigris
Enhalo: to affix with a halo
Acolyte: ranked clergy member, assistant in liturgical rites
Veneer: thin surface layer, superficial layer as an enhancement to inferior material
Jaunt: short excursion for pleasure, brief stay
Sidereal: of, related, pertaining to, or determined by the stars or constellations
Incalescent: becoming hotter or growing more ardent, boiling
Cosmology: study of the physical universe considered a mass of phenomena in spacetime
Illusion: erroneous mental representation, false image made by outside force or the mind
Dell: small, usually wooded valley, vale
Brio: joie de vivre, vivacity, alacrity, gusto, esprit
Sluice: artificial channel for conducting water, with a valve or gate to regulate the flow 
Pococurante: nonchalant, indifferent, lukewarm in opinion, insouciant
Comestibles: items suitable to be eaten, edible sundries, articles of food, victuals
Portmanteaux: pl. large suitcase, merging of two words to form a new one, often a pun
Malady: sickness, illness, ague, ictus, ailment
Sough: a soft, gentle sigh, murmuring, purling, or rustling sound
Auburn: moderate reddish-brown
Opaque: impenetrable to light, not reflecting light, difficult to explain or understand
Emissary: an agent sent on a mission to represent or advance the interests of another 
Ascertain: to understand specific facts, to ferret out information
Idyllic: Like an idyll, extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque 
Linguistics: pl. the study of human speech, languages, and writing
Epigone: inferior imitator, disciple, second-rate replica, counterfeit
Aeneous: brassy, golden-green
Permeate: to pervade, to spread or flow throughout, to diffuse through
Circlet: ring-shaped ornament or piece of jewelry, especially for the head
Echo: a repetition of sound produced by the reflection of sound
Periphery: line that forms the boundary, limited circumference of sight, perimeter
Synchronicity: theory of, coincidence of two or more curiously similar events 
Pantomime: communication through gestures and facial movements
Eleemosynary: of, relating to, or dependent on charity, contributed as an act of charity
Tenuous: long and thin, slender, flimsy, without great substance, diluted
Malaise: bodily weakness, nondescript illness, vague feeling of discomfort
Swath: width of a scythe-stroke, strips or radii made by something
Clerisy: the well-educated or learned class, intelligentsia, cognoscenti 
Satellite: celestial body that orbits a planet, a moon, object designed to orbit a planet
Mellifluous: flowing with sweetness or honey, smooth and sweet
Philosophy: discipline comprising aesthetics, ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology, etc.
Victuals: food to be eaten, provisions, food cache, pabulum, comestibles, nutrients
Leitmotif: musical passage associated to a specific situation, character, or idea
Emulate: to strive to equal or excel, especially through imitation 

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