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Friday, February 18, 2011

9th Series, Stomping a Human Head.

9Calypso: rare orchid, a tribal and fervid dance
Métier: forte, niche in which a person excels, occupation, profession
Portfolio: portable case for carrying documents
Celestial: heavenly, of a higher plane, empyreal, of space
Illustrate: to clarify or explain with examples or comparisons
Lassitude: weariness, lack of energy or motivation
Scythe: agricultural implement with a long, curving blade fastened to a long handle
Caballero: skilled horseman, gentleman, cavalier
Excelsior: fine, curled wood shavings
Medallion: jewelry or object worn from a necklace
Blellum: an idle, indiscreet talker, noisy fainéant
Eloign: to move away a distance, to move a distance with something concealed
Vivacity: brio, esprit, alacrity
Imbue: to embed with a quality, to inspire or permeate with a feeling or quality
Heliotrope: light purple, type of flower
Gambol: to skip or jump merrily
Lambent: glowing, gleaming, or flickering with a soft radiance, of humor or fire
Limpid: unclouded, clear
Sable: black, type of animal with a deep, black pelt
Nepheliad: cloud nymph, nymph designated or of the clouds
Gloom: sadness, melancholy, depression
Mestizo: a person of mixed racial ancestry
Etiolate: to stunt growth, deprive of strength , to whiten by blocking sunlight exposure
Ancestry: the inception or origin of a phenomenon, object, idea, or style, lineage
Esssse: pl. archaic plural of ashes
Marmalade: jellylike preserve made from the pulp of fruits, especially citrus fruits
Lugubrious: gloomy or dismal, especially exaggerated
Concupiscence: lasciviousness, lewdness, ardent lust
Equinox: when the sun reaches a height, night and day equalize, annual event
Oeillade: an amorous glance, ogle
Neophyte: a novice, tyro, beginner
Material: secular, worldly, the substance(s) of which a thing is made of or composed
Epergne: table centerpiece, object designated as a centerpiece
Oleander: type of flower
Shimmer: to shine with a subdued, flickering or wavering light
Vetanda: taboo or forbidden things or topics
Levitation: the act of floating, supernatural floating
Sardonyx: type of stone(onyx) with sandy bands
Cello: large, stringed instrument that generates deep tones
Relinquish: voluntarily cease to keep or claim, surrender
Mormorando: music, murmuring
Phoenix: mythical bird of fire which rises from it’s ashes in a cycle of rebirth
Novae: pl. collapsing or dying star
Epitome: a perfect example of a particular quality or type
Viridian: blue-green pigment

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