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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 7, out of 20.

A few new rare(r) words and some classic pretty words. The definitions continually get polished due to my odd schedule.

Mimosa: plant, cocktail drink
Azalea: plant
Lacquer: varnish that dries via evaporation
Evaporation: the act of liquid dissipating or drying due to humidity or exposure
Regalia: the emblems and symbols of royalty, such as the crown and scepter, jewelry
Clinquant: glittering as gold or with tinsel
Mezzanine: partial story between two main stories of a building, lowest balcony of theater
Coquelicot: plant, red poppy
Jejune: naïve, juvenile, simplistic, uninteresting, superficial
Laconic: brief in speech, matter-of-fact, terse, using few words
Dyslexia: disorder in which lexical figures are perceived in a chaotic order
Swain: a young man, suitor
Epithelium: type of body tissue
Apocope: omission of sound or verbiage at the end of a word or phrase
Memento: an item of special significance
Vespertine: crepuscular, pertaining to, of, or related to the evening
Warble: trill, croon, purr, chirrup
Sforzando: music, suddenly or strongly accented
Miasma: atmosphere of disease, fine mist of effluvium or bacteria, noxious emanation
Violet: shade of deep purple
Athanasy: quality of being deathless, immortality
Ventriloquist: puppeteer utilizing vocal techniques and manipulations
Coruscate: sparkle, reflect brightly, shimmer
Sangfroid: composure or coolness as shown in danger, imperturbability
Vivify: to invigorate, revive, energize, galvanize
Novella: short prose tale often characterized by moral teaching or satire
Adroit: quick or skillful or adept in action or thought
Transience: brevity, briefness, evanescence, shortness, the state of being temporary
Redivivus: revived, come back to life, resurrected, resuscitated
Emollient: substance that softens and soothes the skin, lotion
Delitescent: hidden, concealed, kept secret
Recidivism: act of repeating punished act, chronic tendency to repeat crimes
Malleable: moldable, able to be modified
Constellation: specific arrangement of stars to form an image
Eclipsareon: a device for illustrating and demonstrating eclipses
Nephew: the son of a brother or sister in relation to you
Mantelletta: sleeveless vestment worn by cardinals
Triste: sad, mournful, dismal, depressed
Tilt: to cause to slope, as by raising one end, incline
Cyaneous: deep blue, cerulean
Decrescendo: gradual lowering of tempo in music or in a situation
Thylacine: Extinct Tasmanian Tiger
Melisma: the stretching of a syllable over a series of notes
Roué: a rake, rouge, philanderer, lothario
Cosmopolitan: pertaining to the world at large, without localized prejudices


  1. Try not to use over-streamlined dialect, yet as this sentence appears, writing in a verbose way, utilizing rant and for the most part circumlocuting utilizing a plenty of sesquipedalian expressions won't work to support you.