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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Some more words doled out.

Equipoise: equal distribution of weight or balance, balanced
Façade: affected aura or mannerisms to beguile or deceive
Imbroglio: extremely confused, complicated, or embarrassing situation
Capriccioso: music, lively and free of restraint, restriction, or direction
Umbrage: offense, affront, the shade beneath a tree, shade, suspicion, reason for doubt
Theophany: religious epiphany or appearance of God to a person
Sobriquet: nickname, moniker, adopted name
Clemency: mercy, an act of mercy, showing mercy
Cabaret: a restaurant with live entertainment
Abattoir: slaughterhouse
Punchinello: short, fat clown or clown puppet
Alloquy: speaking to another, an address
Opalescent: milky and iridescent
Perennial: lasting throughout the year
Vigesimal: based on, pertaining to or related to 20
Bijouterie: general plural of trinkets or jewelry, gallery thereof, display thereof
Verisimilitude: the appearance or semblance of truth or reality in a fictional medium
Quintessence: fifth element, perfect embodiment
Zenith: point on the celestial sphere that is above the observer, highest point, maximum
Aeolian: pertaining to, of, related to, caused by or like the wind or Aeolus
Tregetour: juggler, mummer, conjurer
Lavender: light purple
Naïveté: inexperience, quality of being naïve, artlessness
Clandestine: kept secretly or done secretively
Marionette: a puppet bound by strings and controlled with wooden bars
Epistle: a formal letter, letter with a cachet
Dulcet: sweet-sounding
Emaciate: to make abnormally thin or weak, typically due to illness
Paradigm: clearly defined archetype, typical example or pattern of something 
Suicide: the act of murdering oneself
Cygnet: a baby swan, young swan
Philtrum: subtle curve beneath the nose and on the upper lip, palate
Cancrizans: backwards movement, crab walking, music moving backwards
Apropos: appropriate of, appropriate
Efflux: something that flows out or forth, effluence, passing or an expiration, as of time 
Eviscerate: to disembowel, exenterate, to remove the viscera of something 
Minutiae: pl, tiny, precise details, vestiges, trifles
Maraschino: cordial made from the fermented juice of the marasca cherry
Visurient: hungry for visual stimuli, pertaining to the desire evoked from vision
Velvet: soft type of material used in clothing
Humiliate: to enervate or embarrass through specific actions or events
Turquoise: blue-green color
Esurient: hungry, greedy, hedonistic in pursuit of things
Moue: pouting face or grimace
Apoplexy: stroke, impairment or neuralgia from cerebral hemorrhage

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