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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Page 3, I Shall Write No More, Forever.

A couple obscure ones in there for you. Psithurisma being one of my favorite words. All of the pages(almost surprisingly) manage to immix both obscure and practical words, so it shouldn't be found too daunting or haughtily crafted.

Sapphire: bright blue, gemstone
Ratatouille: French dish
Obsequious: fawning, sycophantic
Odalisque: female servant, female servant in a harem
Lapis Lazuli: gemstone of intense blue
Lacuna: omission or empty space, gap in chronology
Nullibicity: state of non-existence
Oeuvre: the corpus of an author, canon, or a collective symposium
Solstice: one of two times in the year when the sun is furthest from the equator
Psithurisma: whisper
Myriad: multitude, litany, an amount of, usually large
Soliloquy: dramatic monologue, intense speech with exposition but not addressed
Tolutiloquent: speech characterized by rapidity
Boulevard: broad street, avenue
Cumulonimbus: type of cloud that augurs bad weather
Noctilucence: cloud phenomenon characterized by lights at night
Adumbrate: to explain faintly or opaquely outline
Chevelure: head of hair
Chantpleure: to cry while singing, to cry and sing simultaneously
Seraphim: pl. six-winged angels
Chandelier: ceiling-mounted light fixture or glass structure
Crescendo: music, gradual increase of tempo, volume, or intensity
Etude: a piece of music designed for didactic purposes
Selcouth: unusual, rare, unique, or strange
Tessellation: tile pattern sans gaps or extraneous spaces, mathematical
Marasmus: protein deficiency, state of emaciation
Cathismata: pl. one of the 20 divisions in a Greek Psalter
Sempiternal: eternal
Vicissitudes: changes of circumstances of fortune
Stasis: equilibrium causing a peaceful inactivity via equal opposing forces
Mythopoeic: pertaining to the making of myths
Immure: to enclose with walls, ensconce
Demure: shy, modest
Inure: to take effect, or to accustom to something, typically unpleasant
Ensconce: establish or settle in a safe, secure, or comfy place
Marcescent: flower term, withering, but not falling off
Violin: stringed instrument played with a bow
Viola: like a violin, but with a lower pitch
Peccadillo: insignificant sin or wrongdoing, trifling fault
Peccavi: admission of guilt or confession
Zitella: maiden, unmarried woman
Nepenthe: drug of forgetfulness, anti-depression drug, remedy for sorrow
Evanescent: brief, transient
Escalade: the act of scaling a wall
Escarole: type of green chicory

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