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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Page 4, Prettiful Words.

"Czigany" is a minor point of contention, being able to be spelled in a variety of ways, such as "tzigany", "tzigane", and "czigane".

Demesne: a lord’s privately owned manor/section of land
Kaleidoscope: optical item that utilizes mirrors to create interior symmetrical visions
Pastiche: literary patchwork, hodgepodge, collision of genres used to create a new item
Cinquefoil: five-leaved
Daedalian: intelligent, crafty, deft, practical, pertaining to Daedalus
Lixiviation: act of separating soluble from insoluble substances via water or solvent
Pasquinade: public farce, satire, or lampoon
Oubliette: dungeon with only opening at the top
Ephemeral: brief, transient
Eidolon: ghost, specter, revenant, reappearing, continuously visiting or persisting image
Clavilux: machine that generates light via music
Esprit: brio, wit, vivacity
Daphnean: shy
Absinthe: wormwood liquor of a bright-green color
Convalesce: to recover or recuperate
Czigany: gypsy, Hungarian gypsy
Arabesque: ballet twirl, type of artistry involving a continuous, rotating design
Caesious: blue-gray
Isosceles: having two equal sides, of a triangle
Linoleum: type of floor covering
Sisyphean: endless labor, pertaining to Sisyphus
Ophidian: snake-like
Hyacinth: flower
Lullaby: song or tune devised to lull something to sleep
Coelacanth: prehistoric fish still alive today
Labyrinth: maze
Quaquaversal: directed outward from a common center to all points, omnidirectional
Scialytic: dispersing shadows, typically with light
Cerulean: watery blue
Lilliputian: very small
Liaison: illicit sexual relationship, case of contact between two parties, usually a person
Azure: sky-blue
Aesthete: person who appreciates art or beauty
Silver: shimmering gray color, type of metal
Empyreal: related to the empyrean, celestial
Echelon: tier, level, rank in job, formation of soldiers
Conciliabule: secret meeting of conspirators
Dilettante: one who dabbles in an occupation or hobby without serious intent
Soigné: elegant, sophisticated, well-groomed
Glimpse: brief, incomplete view or look, to glance at
Grandeur: splendor, magnificence, quality or state of being grand
Ennui: listlessness, weariness, discontent
Palatial: pertaining to a palace, grandiose, magnificent
Pellucid: translucently clear, limpid
Cenotaph: an unmarked grave


  1. I'd like to paste my personal favourites, if I may. I apologise for the poor organisation. Got this link from Reddit.

    Fervor Assuage Ailurophilia Icicle Flux Exhilarate Kaleidoscopic Phial Flute Dominion Megalomania Lust Delirium Euphoria Vortex Lucrative Entourage Poignant Psyche Eclectic Labyrinthine Loquacious Soporific Phantom Yowling Fuselage Convalescence Nuance Sceptre Niche Oblivious Echelon Allude Degradation Seduced Plethora Perspicacious/perspicacity Tangible Lithe Gargantuan Catacomb Perpetuity Artificer Lingering Prurient Deferential Deign Opulence Laconic Acquiescence Chaos Bibliophilia Philanthropy Manifold Heteroscedasticity Capitulate Indomitable Glacial Extricate Verisimilitude Ardour Issuing Provocative Elision Elucidate Avalanche Frolic Melithuous Lullaby Echo Harlequin Enigma Tantalise Ecstasy Lethargy Vocative Listless Elucidation

  2. Thanks for commenting. ANd for the view on Reddit. Awesome contribution, especially with "heteroscedasticity"(which I didn't know)or milithuous( which I think you just meant mellifluous[sorry if that seems rude to say that].
    Actually between the Coolest and Prettiest list, most of these are covered, among the ones I added from your list are delirium, glacial, perpetuity, provocative, lethargy, frolic, deign, yowling, and tangible(I'm forgetful and not very comprehensive). "Gargantuan" is a word which I like, but falls under the "Ugly" or "funny" word lists that I have written down, but not typed up. Many of those words have actually shown up or will show up. Thanks a lot for the contribution. Hopefully, you'll learn some new words and me too. We can collaborate, if you'd like.