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Sunday, February 27, 2011

18th Page, What an Achievement

Few rare words on the list, "tristiloquy" being one of my favorites. "Hegemony"(for me) is preferably pronounced hedge-em-ony, but quickly, hedgemoni. It's a delectable and largely applicable word, read Foucault, you'll see the word plastered all over his tomes.

Venial: pardonable, easily excused or pardoned, trivial
Bethesda: a hallowed, sanctified, or holy place, a chapel, holy ground
Umbrella: apparatus used as a personal rain repellant
Circular: of, like, related to, or resembling a circle
Allure: attraction, temptation, to attract with something desirable
Scarlet: bright-red color
Hegemony: predominant influence, dominance, supremacy, preeminence
Sclera: the whites of the eyes
Palliasse: mattress consisting of a thin pad filled with straw, sawdust, or hay
Vavasor: superior vassal with other vassals beneath
Trillium: type of flower
Enceinte: pregnant, carrying a baby, gravid, line of fortification enclosing a town or castle
Cuvette: a small, transparent, often tubular laboratory vessel
Silkscreen: stencil method of printing, in which a design is put on silk or other fine mesh
Tristiloquy: speech characterized by sadness or gloominess
Realm: region, kingdom, plane, domain, territory
Vacivity: vacuity, emptiness, absence, space with a lack of matter
Fleur-de-lys: stylized insignia of a lily
Sittella: small, gregarious songbird
Amphisbaena: Greek mythological being, two-headed snake, a head on each end
Corinthian: pertaining to Corinth or its culture, architecture
Libeccio: southwest wind occurring in Italy
Perpetuity: the quality or condition of being perpetual, ceaseless, or continual
Knell: to ring slowly and solemnly, funeral bell-ring
Illusory: produced by, based on, or having the nature of an illusion, deceptive 
Diablerie: dealing with the devil or devils, witchcraft, sorcery, consorting with demons
Epicede: dirge, requiem, funeral song or ode
Brevity: briefness, swiftness, evanescence
Henna: reddish-brown dye used in tinting the hair, skin, or nails
Alabaster: dense translucent, white or tinted fine-grained gypsum 
Frescade: a cool, breezy walk, a shady place, a relaxing place with ample shade
Villain: dramatic or fictional character who is typically at odds with the hero 
Cellophane: thin, flexible, transparent cellulose material used as moisture-proof wrapping 
Simplicity: state or quality of being simple, freedom of complexity or intricacy
Bliss: joy, rapture, elation, felicity 
Laminate: to beat or compress into a thin plate or sheet, to divide into thin layers 
Cinnabar: bright red, glowing red
Nocive: harmful, injurious
Cinder: burned substance, one which is no longer capable of combustion
Sapience: rationality, compare sentience, wisdom or sagacity
Mirror: surface able of reflect enough undiffused light to form an image of an object 
Sesquipedalian: having many syllables, long, given to or typified by the use of long words
Quiver: shiver, shake, quaver, tremble
Breeze: gentle push of the wind
Amnesia: partial or total loss of memory

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